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    Norse/Teutonic Mythology and Saga Literature and Poetry. Study of Norse Runes, and study of magical practices. <br />Reading and writing Science Fiction/Fantasy. Writing and reading poetry. Role Playing Games. Book Collecting.<br />Study of world cultures, religions and spirituality and how they relate to and interconnect with each other. <br />Rock Climbing, Sabre Fencing, Archery, Kung Fu Martial Arts, Bicycling, Raquetball, Fitness training. Music from all genres.
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    Asatru, Runist, Odinian, Taoist, Pantheist,

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  1. Does anyone know of any organizations that can hold Funeral services that are non-denomonational, and not affiliated with a particular religious organization? I do not want to have a Christian funeral in a Christian church, becasue I have severed my ties with that particular organized religious order many years ago. Here in the Bible Belt of the USA it seems this is the only way funerals are perfomed unless you are of one of the other big religious orders, such as Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Is there anything out there for a spiritualist who is not a member of a religious order? Ho
  2. I have a wide range of musical interests, everything from classical, Celtic and British Folk Music, Sea Shantys, rock n roll, heavy metal, pop, american folk, Renaissance music, and more that I probably have forgotten to include. Some of the most spiritual music for me has been from a rock band called "Live" that blends spiritual messages with heavy Zen influences with thier music. They have a song called "Lakini's Juice" that has a line in it that goes: "It was an evening I shared with the sun, To find out where we belong, In the earliest days, We were dancing in the shadows... " It is one o
  3. I saw your post in the "Texas" thread. I'm in the D/FW area too.