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  1. What would I say to an ET if they came by? "Got a sister?" Got a copy of those plans? I've been itching to build me a new project....
  2. Queen- Don't stop me now. "Baby just call me Mr. Fahrenheit!"
  3. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND ME by Vernon Howard. 1. You are as stubborn as a mule, but I am loyal to my noble beliefs. 2. You are a blabbermouth, but I am endlessly generous in contributing my wisdom to others. 3. You are pushy, but I take constructive initiative. 4. You are a shameless glutton, but I am a daring explorer in the world of food and drink. 5. You have cunning greed, but I have admirable ambition. 6. You express childish anger, but I firmly denounce all forms of injustice. 7. You are rude, but I am not afraid to say what I think. 8. You indulge in petty gossip, but I discuss other people in order to sympathize and help them. 9. You are lazy, but I possess relaxed patience. 10. You think the world owes you a living, but I wish only my rightful rewards so richly deserved. 11. You have an evil lust for power, but I have a natural talent for social leadership. 12. You nervously run from one foolishness to another, but I happily pursue many meaningful activities.
  4. You forgot one or two.... ETA- oppps! My error. Sorry!
  5. Diane, I may not reply when people ask for prayers, but when I hear of anyone asking for God's intervention, I pray for them. You included, dear. TCGB!
  6. "The essential purport of the world-famous monologue in Hamlet is, in condensed form, that our state is so wretched that complete non-existence would be decidedly preferable to it. Now if suicide actually offered us this, so that the alternative "to be or not to be" lay before us in the full sense of the words, it could be chosen unconditionally as a highly desirable termination ("a consummation devoutly to be wish'd" [Act III, Sc.I.]). There is something in us, however, which tells us that this is not so, that this is not the end of things, that death is not an absolute annihilation." -- German philosopher Schopenhauer
  7. Central Colorado. High in the Rockies, about 10,288 feet in elevation. If I had a link to Dorian's GoogleEarth map thing, you could zoom in and find it easily.
  8. Hmmm. *I* like bright colors. *I* like your style of music. Generally. *I* enjoy laughter. Generally. If you had any idea what they call me.... Generally. lol! *I* am also a "gypsy" as I move frequently. "here one minute, gone the next". Who cares? *GASP!!!!!* I think babies are cute. I dance naked in the moonlight. Sleep with the devil? Nah, not married any longer, so not sleeping with the devil's sister any longer. (giggle) You're welcome in MY town. Common sense has since fled, so screw the comon folk. You're cool in my book. Don't worry, be happy! And come on down to Leadville anytime!
  9. "sorry about that"? Yeah, right. We know you loved doing it!
  10. C.S.Lewis put out a good book on Christianity. Very unique, but has been since '95 since I read it last. You too? My mom used to tell me to go play in the street.....
  11. Got links to the wav or mp3 files?
  12. This link takes you to the FBI's "Religious Freedom in Focus site, and it has a lot of information regarding USDoJ case history in defending the freedom of religion. I hope someone is able to use it.
  13. Contact the county clerk's office. Since they manage the elections they would likely be the people that would know. If they don't, they should be able to tell you who does.

    Wish you the best, "your honor"!

  14. I had problems at a place I rented once, and I was very spiritual then. Had these evil spirits giving me a lot of trouble, so I had a cross in the backyard and lit it on fire. I ordered the spirits out in the name of Jesus. Interesting both my neighbors moved in a week. Unsure of the coincidence, but so did the evil spirits.
  15. The prejudice IS there, but it's not solely white man at fault. White man has his faults I agree. But the NA shouldn't be going around full of anger and hatred and bitterness blaming whiteman for everything. I lived near several indian reservations, and I have seen all this anger and hatred they have for us, saying we're ripping them off, when lots of times they allow themselves to be ripped off. At the Navajo indian reservation in SE Utah, a number of Navajo claimed to be ripped off by the oil companies that drilled there. Only a few bucks is all they get. BUT, as found out when investiagted, they aren't mentioning that they also said they didn't want money as much as "other stuff". Other stuff like getting a home built to the design they want, where they want, water wells drilled, and if no water is available, water gets trucked in at company expense. Electric is brought in, at compay expense. Everything they want is paid for, including nice cars or trucks and even paying for their kidsand grandkids college. Yeah, they get a lot of scholarships for being NA, but if you saw the mountain of paper work, you'd understand. So then the companies throw their hands in the air saying "What more could they want? We gave them everything they wanted!", which is true. In some cases they got a lot more than a white family would have gotten. I have mentioned this before, here and elsewhere, about a man and his father. Both Navajos, and they live like their ancestors. So many times I have heard the NA scream about how it's all white man's fault they can't like like their ancestors. Funny, because as Certificate of Indian Blood card holders, they can. Not only on the reservation, but in BLM & USFS land. That man and his father, they do that. They have a few horses, and in a few places they have Hogans set up for living in. They live just like their ancestors do. Nothing stops the complaining NA from doing it, except it's far easier to go hit up Burger King for a meal than kill a deer and prep it. Being lazy has it's draw backs. I have gotten fed up with being inslted by indians because I'm white.
  16. I like the song/poem. It's pretty good!
  17. Does a white buffalo taste any different than regular buffalo?
  18. The film you refer to is called "The Passion". As a jew, I remember receiving the letter telling me I was supposed to complain about it. For a fairly even handed description of the turmoil surrounding the release of this film, you could go here' Or not. After all, no one is holding a gun to your head. I didn't look at the link you provided, maybe later though. I recall a bunch of jews had problems with The Passion and one of the excuses is because it was supposedly building hate against jews (or something like that). To me it was nonsense. I saw jews watching The Passion, I watched The Passion. A lot of people did. It didnb't build or create any hate. It was a good movie. I don't see how anyone can build or create hate if it isn't already there.
  19. I remember when the jews were complaining about Mel Gibson's flic on Jesus. I figure if they don't like it, they don't have to watch it. No one's holding a gun to their head.
  20. And I can say this...with that statement any shred of respect that I was beginning to have for you just went out the door. But I'm sure that doesn't matter..... That's ok, Brother Taylor. He still has to account to Jesus for this. We must forgive, God has the right to choose. And I concur with you- he earned my respect alrighty- and then it went right down the crapper. <flush>
  21. I heard of it- I pay it each month!
  22. Havn't seen the new one but from I have seen of how they remake the old flicks, I won't even bother. Man, no one can out do the old Samantha and the twitchin' of her nose! Oh, and that old hag she called her mother. And the nutcase! They destroyed Battlestar Galactica. They murdered Spiderman. They trashed Wild Wild West (hey now! Artemus Gordon has class in the old flick, thank you very much!). So much destroyed....sad.