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  1. I read that earlier. I think it is amazing who might show up when we need them most.
  2. Prayer to Violet and her family. Heartbreaking.....
  3. You are so right to fire the employees for food stamp fraud. There are people who abuse the system and are creative in doing it. There are also those who have fallen on bad times and are grateful for the help. There are those who are not of retirement age who befell an illness and are lucky to get State help for the two years it takes to transfer to medicare. Welfare is a good thing if used right.
  4. Whispering Pines, by Ned Miller, funny I cant remember it. But that is what comes to mind.
  5. Hey all you Wonder Fathers and Fathers to be, O twinkle in the eye of a protential Father. I would like to wish you a wonderful Fathers Days come Sunday.
  6. The best thing for you to do is talk with your state and county offices. There may be fees, a certain type of storage unit, how many weapons be stored, what type of weapons, what type of liablities are involve, insurances, etc. Make you decission from that starting point. That is the best I can offer right now.
  7. To do it under ULC, I think you would need more aproval than your fellow board members. Wow, I have a hard time imagining religious guns.
  8. Cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crust with Amoretto drizzled over the top, Yumm
  9. Glad you're home and better. Lots of rest.
  10. I like that idea. I do not know what colors should be used (first I heard of prayer flags), but the fact that the flags were made with feeling and your prayers is what I would say is more important. Thank you for sharing this.
  11. Your bother, you and family are in my prayers.