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  1. In essence the same basic reasons as most members, I'm sure. In America Freedom of Religion still is a right entitled to all (think closely about that for a few minutes the next time you cut me for my belief, ok?). My particular faith is Cosmos and "we" follow the old and new testaments of the Holy Bible. As simple as it really is, people that disagree with "our" faith can make complicated, I assure you.
  2. I think it takes more of a man to apologize when he feels an apology is due than a man that must be told that an apology is owed. You have my respect! Even if you are a hippy!
  3. Some good the calendar did the Mayans, they're dead!
  4. I look like myself. It is others that try to look like me. Gawd it feels so great to be so great! I'm such a stud, women have to pretend they don't like me because they don't want to make each other so terribly jealous....
  5. Ok SB, how long ago was your first coherent memory? I remember small, in a crib, diapers, and more. I just don't usually delve into it.
  6. Thank you, all of you. No job yet, and right now waiting for a response to my public defender from the AG's office on my appeal. She said it's expected in by mid-June.
  7. 0101011001100101011100100110100101110011011011110111000001101000001011000010000001111001011011110111 0101001001110111001001100101001000000110111001110101011101000111001100100001
  8. I feel that 666 is merely an example. Justified concern, of course, but it's not absolute.
  9. Reverend Malloy, I pray that your luck in seeking employment improves greatly. I also pray that you understand that no matter how bad things get, there is never any just cause in losing faith. Things are as they are.
  10. Thank you for the prayers. I'm trying to say they helped, but while things did not turn out AS bad as I thought they might, I found in some areas they're worse. 1. I finally got part of my final paycheck. The owner is having to do it in payments. So screwed up, but heck if I get the money I can't say I care. 2. Earlier today I went to a doctor to discuss my injuries. Well, in the discussion I found info that makes me mad as all get out, though it somewhat relieves me. While discussing this with the neurologist in depth, I find out that the CAT scans at the ER over a year ago showed the damage then. But the hospital and radiologist didn't report it, thus it never was treated. Which is why I'm in so much pain. He said the damage is now permanent.
  11. The past couple weeks have been absolutely horrible for me. I need prayers, badly. 1. A few weeks past my step-dad past away. Not really a bad thing, because he was seriously ill. But it tore my mom up. 2. Last Sat. I was fired. My boss has been having me do extra work off the clock for him, and in a couple cases doing stuff I felt were shady at best. Financially it hurts, but emotionally I feel like aload is off my shoulders. 3. Today I go to a doctor to discuss injuries I got last year. Last time we talked he said there's a chance they could be permanent. If so, life will be hell as I have had not one day without pain for a year now. I'll take all the prayers I can get. Thanks, c
  12. And the acts you do that they think are wrong. ** for tat.
  13. The definition of what is NOT moral is exactly the opposites of that IS moral. But for one what is immoral may be moral to others. An absolute definition of what is moral (or in some cases ethical as it can be spoken in the same lines) needs to be set, and respected by the majority. This will not work with society in general, but will with groups.
  14. Same here. To me it's extremely private. Too many people cannot fathom the level of privacy I expect, but to me it's really simple. Don't ask me about my money and I won't you (or your wife, if you're a man) if your breasts are fake or real. Yes to me my finances just as private.
  15. At home? Nothing. Really bothers the Jehovah's Witnesses when they come over early in thge AM, though.
  16. Definitions, Brother Murph. We need definitions. What is the definition of morality?
  17. Well, seeing the aliens that have officially yet unofficially came to us, the Zeta's and the Grey's, don't come from Rigel 5 or Rigel 12, Rigel is out of the equation. The Zeta's are from Zeta Epsilon and the Grey's are from Alpha Centauri. I just wanna find out if those alien chicks can make love better than human chicks.