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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I've just joined a book club, so along with these recommendations here and the BC I have a feeling I'm going to be very busy for awhile...
  2. Looks like this site will keep me busy for awhile ... Thanks for sharing. ~M
  3. Hi - Thanks for the suggestion - I'll have to look that one up. I've seen a bunch out there but like to hear from others what they found useful. That class sounds really interesting too. I need to look into what is offered here - I assume you mean this is through ULC?
  4. I took a religion class in college that compared different popular religions, but at the time wasn't really interested and didn't retain much of the material. After perusing this board, I'm amazed to see so many different faiths and would love to learn more about them. Wiccan is a new one to me. And someone posted a list of different types of religion, many I have never heard of. (Yes, I've had a somewhat sheltered life - sigh) Can anyone recommend something they've read that compares the different religions? If I've missed a thread somewhere that already discusses this please refer me. I
  5. I applied yesterday to be ordained because my youngest sister has asked me to officiate her wedding this summer. What an honor! And what a decision. Last year a friend of a friend got married, and she had her brother, who became ordained online to do so, officiate. I remember thinking at the time - whaaa??? And I must admit, I laughed about it and thought it was crazy. And then yesterday morning I was asked to do my sister's wedding. You know what they say - you never know until it happens to you. I wasn't prepared for how torn I would feel about doing this! I am a follower of God, a