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  1. I'm sending you a big WELCOME.
  2. Gail1954

    Hebrew Roots

    You are right it is a christian movement that follows the Torah, Thank you for the correction.
  3. Gail1954

    Hebrew Roots

    It means to follow the Torah and it's holidays.
  4. Gail1954

    Hebrew Roots

    Thank you for your comment.
  5. I believe in the Hebrew Roots faith and was wondering if I could use my credentials to teach a Bible study. Any help anyone can give will be appreciated, I didn't want to go against this church. Thank You.
  6. Gail1954

    House Church

    I think house is a good thing to do because it promotes closeness and makes people fell they can share and ask for advice with problems they are having.
  7. This is a wonderful song to live by,
  8. Gail1954

    Newbie here!

    Thank you everyone!
  9. This is a wonderful poem!
  10. Gail1954

    Newbie here!

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments.
  11. I am new here from Oakley, California, and am glad to be here. Would love to make friends and seek advice on how to do weddings and be a pastor.Thank you ahead of time for any help.