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  1. Sounds like an interesting pin. Here's to the "Modesto Messiah!"
  2. I concur - I support women being ordained. Women can be far more understanding at times about personal issues, and other women may be at more ease talking to another woman about their problems.
  3. What about as a follower of the ULC - Universal Life? Isn't this basically what the ULC is about too?
  4. He makes a point. Churches are 'tax exempt' in many ways, so what's wrong with that. Thanks for helping with finding this for me. The book came out making it sound like he was a bad person, but even he says its based on what you do and who you are.
  5. Does anyone know about an episode from 60 Minutes about the ULC which claimed that Kirby Hensley admitted to being a 'con man.' I found a book from my local library, which is available from Amazon: It is supposed to be from actual 60 minute episodes, and claimed that Rev. Hensley stated: "I'm a con man. [laugh] Every other fellow that I came in contact with is a con man. When I give a fellow an Honorary Doctor of Divinity, it's just a little piece of paper. And it ain't worth anything, you know, under God's mighty green earth - you know what I mean? - as far as value." (Pages 17-18.)
  6. Thanks. I have the ULC textbook and will go through it again.
  7. I have a question: when I became an ordained ULC minister I remember reading something that said I could state my religious beliefs as 'Universal Life'. Now I cannot find anything about this. Is this still the case, or was I wrong in this idea? Thanks.
  8. I was told by a Jehovah Witness once that if they see a member of their congregation with someone of the opposite sex who is not their spouse, child, cousin, sibling, etc. that they have to report this person to the Elders. I stated that the person is meeting a business associate or friend who just happens to be of another sex, and that this would not be an issue and that it wouldn't any of their business anyway. I was told that it is not their job to 'judge' which is why they have to report it to the Elders to make a decision as to what had occurred. I am not sure if the person was joking with me or if this is what they actually are taught to do.
  9. Prayers are being sent out to her and the entire family!!!
  10. I haven't. But if Murph has, hopefully he can provide you with some information.
  11. I used to be more Centre/Centre-Left but now I am more of a moderate Conservative. I believe in "social" goods like Universal Health Care as I can see the good for business (employers do not have to direct provide insurance, and a healthy workforce is a good thing.)
  12. I just wanted to wish everyone who clebrates it, a very Merry Christmas!!!!
  13. To everyone on the forum who celebrate the holiday, Happy Hanukkah!!!
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian members on the forum!!!! :clap:
  15. BootsElven dancingwolf Rev. Dan Rev. Tom Richardson