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  1. the reason why am saying this is that, is not today only that I had ask of that money, as you know today is Thursday and I was short of money on Monday and did not know how I could get money until my salary but the month having end too. I need this money on Monday, but I didn't get help, so today when I wake up and something told me to go into my AURA and ask Satan for help. And after I did that I have got money and still and call me if I will need one.
  2. today, I was not having penny in my pocket to use for food. so, early in the morning before I was going to work I went to my AURA and tell my father Lucifer that as am standing in front of him am not having anything so I want him to help me get money to be used today. After I told him my problems and told him that anyone I will ask him money should not refused me but must get me one because Satanism don't suffer in this world. We must enjoy and be happy. what happen is that when I reach work around 7am in the morning, a friend I used to ask of money from
  3. thanks for welcoming me doctor of universal life church,but could you help me to know whether i can be ordinated in ghana or unless i come to state or what,please if you can explain it for me.
  4. Im new to this forum so thought id introduce myself, my name is okyere I am from the GHANA. I have faith and would like to start making contact with others with faith and hope to strengthen this faith through online friendship and positive " write & read " or any other mediums you use online with each other. Im new to online spiritual side of life so ready to listen and learn. I have not done the ordination,but i hope it is done at states and while am in GHANA too, how could it be done.did you have a branch here.