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  1. Since this server is down, should this thread remain pinned?
  2. My question is more asking, how come things are so vacant: Vacant of members, and vacant of officiants. I know that there are a few dedicated members. But of the hundreds-of-thousands that have been Ordained, I'm surprised there isn't even a hundred active members anywhere. As for what other accounts there are, I've found: Twitter - The only one with any recent content is the 'unofficial monastery'. The others, official ones, haven't posted in over a year. ulcseminary (???) ulcchurch ulchq (???) usa_universal (unofficial) ulcmonastery Here seems to be an active forum that'
  3. I've read that degrees in "Religion," "Religious Studies," "Divinity" and "Philosophy" are less quacky looking on resumes. It also depends on what the resume or profile is for. I'd be impressed by any study related to a purpose at hand. For example, if a person who has a blog about cooking too any cooking classes of any kind, I'd be impressed they took their interest a step further. Books read, badges, mooc certificates, online seminars, and any form of learning is admirable if you're passionate about the subject and more specifically, acting in its respect. I haven't taken any of the ULC offe
  4. I'm making a list of the "Difficult Questions" of life. I use the term "Difficult Questions" to mean the stereotypical quandaries you'll often hear addressed in religion and philosophy. Some examples: Why is there suffering? If there is a supreme God, why would he allow suffering? Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the meaning of life? What are the basic purposes for human existence? Why do so many people believe in God(s)? What is consciousness? Why do we have to die? What qualities should define life? What qualities should define death? Why do people h
  5. Random question with no right or wrong answer, I'm just asking for your personal theories... With so many Ministers listed in directories and so many people claimed to have been ordained by ULC and all of its offshoots and radicals (like the Monastery); why do you think only a handful of people interact on the social media, forums and other platforms?
  6. I'm not familiar with the text. Where could I find it?
  7. So are you saying one doesn't need to become a non-profit to be a tax exempt ministry? I think the purpose of incorporating might also be liability. If you're not an INC or LLC, everyone may be legally liable.
  8. I will when someone contacts me. I posted in the other thread.
  9. Anywhere is better than not at all.
  10. Very fascinating experience. And for the sake of your own being/soul and those of others, I pray there absolutely no deception in your story- not even a little. Not that I suspect any, it is just that I'm moved to say that. Peace to you. Nothing extraordinary need occur for one to experience God but I think for some, extraordinary things need to happen. Being lost for 3 decades, I can imagine it would take an extraordinary experience or many to convince you to get in line. I'm glad you've found your way and a relationship with the creator.
  11. I often contemplate if we misdiagnose death. There's an interesting book called "Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Eben Alexander III M.D." where this guy is a hardcore athiest AND neurologist (so he knows how the brain works and denied NDE's as brain function). There are just TOO MANY near death experiences on record and cases of misdiagnosed death (or come backs from death) with experiences of self-awareness after being diagnosed dead. Oddly enough, a jury of 12 can convict someone to the electric chair but hundreds of thousands of people claiming that they were
  12. Nice to greet you both. It seemed like a ghost town in here over the weekend. So many threads are old, I thought the forum might be abandoned. I've followed you both.
  13. If there are still any active members here, please follow/friend me. So many posts are outdated and so I won't respond to them if I notice, but I'd like to keep up with who is still here or new here.
  14. Thanks for responding to my post. :) Nice name too; Salem is in my state, and a very awesome town.