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  1. Maybe it's being a girl or being sensitive or whatever, but I'm still doing the ministerial thing, but no more forums and making friends. For what. Not friendly.
  2. Decided to stop posting here. Really feel put off by being accused of analyzing everyone and everything when I was just trying to make interesting threads for people to engage with so the forum was active.
  3. Aside from conducting wedding ceremonies, are there other services you conduct as a Minister? What's the various things that are possible with Ministry? I read somewhere that in some states Ministers still need a letter of Recommendation, so I know some of you provide that recommendation to other Ministers. But what else? What's the scope of potential activities a Minister can be involved in: both ceremonial and administrative?
  4. I sense discomfort in your opening statement and this final one. I'm not trying to put anyone in a box. I invited others to put themselves in a box if they so desire for simply the sake of us finding common grounds with each-other (if any) and for fun. I got that sentiment sadly, from Jonathan that is inferring I am attempting to label others when clearly I've only been attempting to label myself (and invited other to label me and invited others to label themselves if they so desire). Anyone who does not wish to participate in a thread I make, feel free to ignore it.
  5. What do you mean by I made it clear that my goal was not to be useful? I was saying what's useful to me may not be useful to you AND I do think it's useful. I'm also not sure what you mean by 'urge' to chart, graph and define 'everything'? I was not aware my urges were being analyzed. I'm sure I've not tried to chart, graph and define everything; neither in general and certainly not here.
  6. We are irreconcilable, dear Jonathan (not really)
  7. I deeply respect Stephen Hawking but I'm vigilant. I definitely hear him out though. He is brilliant. However, he has been proven wrong about many things he's said about the universe. He has been wrong about black holes, and predicted we'd never encounter anything Higgs-like, even the big bang (and all related theory) might be valid math but could still prove unsound crap. He's almost as famous for losing bets as he is for making them. He also warns us to be afraid of aliens, and while declaring there is no god; neither presenting his evidence for the existence of aliens (which I don't disagr
  8. Is the graphic you customized your embosser with on the Wedding Words and More Disc?
  9. With all respect, useful is a term subjective to our own reasoning however. You could have 5 uses for a hammer, I could have 3 or 207, another person could see no use at all for a hammer. I'm not saying that "from one's relationship or definition of god, we can gain insight to their relationship or definition of government." (or vice versa) ^^^^ That's not what I am saying. Can a school determine how a child behaves toward their parents based on a test taken on a teacher-student relationship, no. I think perhaps you misunderstood or perhaps my vagueness allowed space to infer I
  10. Understandably, the subject-object relationship shifts depending on the subject and object. I don't mind a bossy kickboxing coach but I don't care for bossy employers. Looking again, my first comparison was hinging on the certainty principal, but if we spin the religious chart 90 degrees to the right to hinge it on the belief principal, perhaps the similar concepts between charts will be more apparent.
  11. I found the site/blog and bookmarked it to check it out tomorrow. As for tribal, I'm still not approved. I can login and I accepted the terms but if I click "reply" to anything, it still says I don't have permission. Hopefully they get to it this week
  12. I like this chart a lot more than the comparative side by side style. This chart reminds me a lot of the political chart I once saw on a Green-Party forum. Have you ever seen this? The top represents government authority, the bottom personal authority, the left is for a unregulated society and the right is for regulated society. The left and right would be flipped in comparison however (since the religious chart would be atheists on the left, and theists on the right)
  13. Physics has now crossed into yesterdays metaphysics and is rapidly progressing; and today's metaphysics hasn't stretched much beyond yesterday's.
  14. Foremost, why not care? Secondly, is there an active congregation to this church, still in formation stages or just conceptual? Thirdly, are you pulling my leg? I don't have anything in particular I want to know. Nothing? Anything? Everything?
  15. Found this chart (Creative Commons) I think I fall just left center, in the agnostic theist section. Where do you fall on this chart (if at all)?
  16. Sharing this article: The Race to Prove Spooky Quantum Connection May Have a Winner What do you think about what Science is proving about the nature of Nature? The modern approach to matters of ontology, religious philosophy and similar subjects often addresses these topics with reason and realism. But where do we go when the very nature of Nature and Reality is proven to challenge the very applicability of human reason and classical realism?
  17. Yes, I did signup with the same username. I'm guessing that an Admin has to manually approve my membership. I can't even contact them or use the form without being approved. Very weird set up. But the forum seems active so I hope they activate me. If you could shoot an admin a message next time you stop over there, that would be awesome yes . What's an Agnostic Church? Can you tell me about it? What I mean was I already signed up to the forums here and at the Seminary. I was previously signed up at the Monastary sites and other sites before ordination, just doing research,
  18. I activated but when I go there I get this: SisterSalome, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
  19. I signed up there too. I signed up to anything and everything, looking for evidence of life lol lol lol
  20. Where did you order your Ordination Certificate? Headquarters, .Net or Seminary? Where do you order your supplies, certificate(s), etc. ministry, business and otherwise?