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  1. Everything when it ends will go to the same place. Energy is everything, and everything is energy.
  2. Glad she is home AL. Will keep you both in mind my friend. Blessings
  3. It comes with being a parent. There are just some things a parent's love will blind them to.
  4. A mother goes to her son's room to tuck him in. As she opens the door, sees and hears him kneeling and praying besides his bed. She stood there leaning and waits for him to finish. When he is done he said " Thank you Harold". The mother thought " who is Harold?" and so asked the child. Her son replied " that's God's name." The mother then asked "How do you know that is God's name?" The child then said " Harold be thy name. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven." I have also seen this as the altered version :The child then said " Hark the Harold's angels sing, glory to the new born king." Well god's name varies from one religion to another and from one person to another. Best to play it safe and not use any name in vain.
  5. hopeing for help in the way of a reply to a post "my Firsh Offical duties"

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      Sending links out back to ULC forum can cause trouble, often a person is denied access to link if not registered, can do better.

  6. Sad to here of Phil Everly passing today at age 72
  7. From my point of view when we place labels on others we are judging them. I am not perfect nor do I claim to be. And I do practice "turn the other cheek" And whole heartedly believe in "judge not least ye be judged". I tend to remember these when others judge me. I was not always like this. Until I realized that if every one believed in Jesus' teachings the same way, then they all would be of the same denomination. The same applies for Buddhism and Muslims and every other belief structure on this earth and in the cosmos. ( I think I just may have channeled Hensley ) Before I even knew of him. I also believe we need to define ourselves first before all others. And I do not think I will define myself in this life time. If I can not define myself, how can I define some one else? Blessing of Peace
  8. Happy New Year to All ! May you all find new energy sweet! May you leave behind the sour! May your feet find your path easy! May your ground be soft! Blessings to all!
  9. Energy plain and simple. does not matter what type it is all energy.
  10. WHile I am not yet half way there, I would like to know if this email addy is still available?
  11. Yep they all qualify. Love those types. It wad a good vibration( hmm Beach Boy's) that gave you comfort. And if I was you I would love for it to have been him. The whistler well it could have worked the other way around also. But in any case you got a treat for his performance. I like thinking that the energies that comes to one in war, are of those whom where watching out for you. Friends, Family and the fallen. Thank you for your service. I have not been on an investigation, although my parents have told us kids that we lived in 2 home that where. I only remember their stories. I wonder how that would work out for a deaf? Seigert's Risting ? WHere in Sweden is it? Would love to find out more about it. DO you know if it is currently being used for the now popular Halloween?
  12. I had something happen this morning while I was out for a short walk and would like to share. I had decided to walk down to the local "pick me up"( like a 7-11) store after I found that I had no milk. SO I got all bundled up (due to the wind and snow we are getting now) grabbed my cane and off I went. And for some reason I just started to sing parts of "39th street bridge song" by Simon and Garfunkel. I was in sight of the store when a tingle started at the back of my neck. I stopped and turned around. And Lo and behold I found that I was being followed by a group of people. Mostly younger than myself except for an older couple. As they got closer I could tell that they were also singing the same song. The older man placed his hand on my shoulder when he got to me and said " thank you, we really needed that this morning." I smiled and said "your welcome". The whole group then said " Merry Christmas!" and continued their walk on down the road towards a local church. Now I'll stop my story there simple due that the rest of my walk was uneventful. However I would like to "hear" if others have had The Tingle on the back of your neck?
  13. Well since I follow the path of energy I would have to say yes. (Love Albert)
  14. May the path be kind to you. May your energy be sweet and true. May the light guide your way. May we meet someday.
  15. No one said that the paths that we walk would be flat, straight and debris free. The realization of our own faults is a mile marker along our path. And for that congratulation.
  16. I tend to dislike the terms : crazy , mentally ill, unstable , et all . We all have something that we think is wrong with ourselves. Our own short comings. Don't like my hair , one breast is lopsided, I'm deaf, I have wrinkles. I could not save someone from death, I hear voices telling me to do things. The list goes on and on. There are some things that we can change physically. And others still not so easily. I do currently council my mother and brother. And I have had some positive results from getting them to realize that whatever it is that they need to accept it for what it is. Some times the voice in our heads is a reminder of what we don't want to become. At times the visions in our heads that we can't save some ones life in war or what ever , may just be a reminder of not to forget old friends. And sometimes to remind us that they did not die alone. And yet still also a reminder to let the family know of what kind of friend they had turned out to be. And sometimes it is just a story that needs to be told. Now I'm not saying that some do not need medical treatment or confined. I do not believe in the beat until they come to senses. Ask the Who what where and why and let the spirits act.
  17. it saddens me, that we as a people , often take our own trials to the grave unresolved. That's the nature of being human. That being said, depending on the faith of the patient, you could try confessional . Let them guide their self towards the realization that they have too many bags to carry on. And let the spirits do the rest. You can led a horse to water but you can not make him drink.
  18. Salutations Brothers and Sisters I would love to answer the question why. But it's complicated, and IMHO would need a bit of back story. (warning Will Robinson Warning!.... I ramble at times so forgive me.) I was born on April 1, 1966 on a US military base. State side. A perfect day ( as long as you love thunderstorms and heavy rain ) to come into this world. When I was 2 and 1/2 months old, I lost my hearing to fun loving partying teens. The 4th of July (Independence day in the US) was approaching, and they had tossed fireworks inside of our car while we where traveling through a tunnel. ( I hold no animosity towards them and wish them the best) Not only had I lost my hearing but developed seizures. Hence my life was interesting to say the least. Since both of my parents were non-coms, we traveled a lot from post to post in the US and eventually ended up in Japan. Where I first met my uncle whom had became a Buddhist. Which for my parents was a bit hard to swallow since my mother at the time was a Southern Baptist and my farther was Roman Catholic. So, I ended up quite confused by religion practices in church and in the temple or shrine. We where living in California , San Fran area when I turned 7 and had surgery to repair my eardrums so they docs could place tubes. I ended up with some hearing and lost the seizures. ( scared the sh-at-# out of me cause no one had expected I would gain it back and had never prepared me for it. ) Speech therapy classes became part of my life. And well, with being a military brat, I was never allowed to stay put. So, my teachers changed often. And the classes changed a bit to focus more on communication. I ended up learning to read lips to help supplement. ( blessings that I had because my hearing was not so great and did not last very long.) I beaten up so often by other kids (mostly due, I think for not understanding them) and learned to protect myself via lies. ( not like I had a visual impairment) But not only where kids my problem but adults as well when it came to church services. "why the hell you here if you can't hear what we are preaching" I took it upon myself to visit other religious venues with the few friends I did manage to make in what time I had. ( military brat remember?) Hence to make this shorter, I felt like a polygon with no hole. Lots of exposure over the years to different ideologies And sanctimonious BS from the posers religious sects. I turned my other cheek and walked away. I was determined to help others so later in life I became a paramedic and a firefighter. Had a better than average streak for saving the lives of my patients. And had received lot comments that I must be gifted. I am not gifted, I just care. Or maybe I was just out to prove everyone was wrong. I soon found myself offering a prayer for guidance and discovered that I did so in different theologies. Which confused me even more. One day I was really watching my family during holiday at home and a light went off in my head. I had an epiphany. I realized that my parents and family had incorporated many faucets of other religions in our Christian celebrations. SO we a people tend to take what we like and discard the rest. Our own personal religion. I started to see it every where I looked. Celtic, Druid, Christian, Judaism and list goes on and on all the way to the Egyptians and more likely than not far beyond them as well. I am a Heinz 57 mutt. Plain and simple. It is not the Religion that's is the way to eternal life but our commitment to the trek through life and our devotion to our own style of religious displays. Along with the love we have for one another and our personal relationship to what lays beyond. I am a student and follower first a teacher second and a leader to those that wish to follow. Now why did I join? Because others like myself are out there. DO what is right and do no harm. an ever ongoing endeavor. May peace and love follow in your footsteps Rev. O'Connell you folks are right, it is strange to type that the fist time.