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  1. All of life includes changes we all change as do our relationships with others sometimes time apart happens, perhaps you will reunite later in life possibly not this year I lost two of my closest friends within four months of each other their deaths were hard to experience and I miss them so much You asked about best qualities in a friend I say the best quality a friend can have is whatever completes what we mutually need in our lives at the time some folks need people to be on hand all the time, others do not some need someone to bounce ideas off of some need a listener some a talker
  2. One can not teach via hypocritical design, at least not the intended message so not many will find the do not do what I do lesson educational. As for the educational system this is my personal view: Some people excel in the customary educational system, others do not do well at all, while most go through with an average experience (thusly making it average) there is no right and wrong to fit the masses. Education is most often geared towards a person being able to survive as a grown up, in some instances the system in place is failing to do that job. I know that is a vague statement so i wil
  3. any form of communication can be (and is) used as a weapon some people find offense in things not meant to be offensive (where few others would find offense) some people do not understand they are being offensive even when many find them so. some do not get the joke and instead get offended the reason we get offended is often in how we view the meaning of what was said (or done). some people have fallen into a bad habit of finding offense in their lives and need to find better ways of interacting with others, maybe read up on how to find the world less offensive we all need more laug
  4. not being a believer in a God I am looking at this in a mental health kind of way, Do we need to experience hardships, hurts and pain to truly understand happiness,peace and joy? I think we are born understanding how to be happy and contented but we do wail with hunger and discomfort from the onset as well so we also already know from the start when we are unhappy or discontented. So are we in need of discomfort, fear, or calamity to make our lives somehow better after they leave us? No I think not, these are things which do happen to most people as they live their lives because most often we
  5. I look to the stars and see the amazing vastness of the universe and wonder about the tiny speck we live on, I look to the earth and see it as an infinitesimal molten centered dot. I look to the waters and see A colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain, which covers a vast majority of our tiny planet in one of its three forms. I look to the wolves, the eagles and see predators who use to help control the populations of vermin, but who are being eradicated by humans as we infect the planet with our ever growing population. , I look to th
  6. to me it is simple growth once our stuffed animal (doll, blanket, pacifier, bottle, etc..) was our most cherished possession, but as we went from crawling to walking to running importance changed As we went into the world, school church, visits to the homes of others, vacations... we learned not all places were like our homes, not all people were like our family the older we get the more we should change, when mentally and physically able we should get up off the floor and walk, not wallow on our backs taking int he same view forever Childhood friends, puppy loves, play ground bullies are all
  7. wonderful way to put it! once I wanted to do away with christmas in my home, I found it stupid to spend money in midwinter when funds were lowest at that time, it was the time for paying land tax, insurance (mandatory coverage) was also due then, but I had kids felt they would somehow be deprived as I had enjoyed the festivities when I was a child so I had Santa but I was resentful and often this lead to a not so good time had by all. Time changes things, I married a man who looks much like Santa (LOL he will love the Satan aspect of that) and plays the part now for the grandkids, who tell
  8. My beautiful great Dane doberman mix, Ace who was solid black and 125 pounds saved my husband and my life when he woke us to a fire in our livingroom (fire inspector found where wires had sparked on a curtain) we were in a dead sleep at 3 am when the dog got us up and flames were coming from behind a chair, we got him and ran outside thinking we could get to the water hose, by the time we got the hose (not even 5 minutes) the front windows blew out, we ran to the neighbors (a firefighter) and he called it in. Ace passed away only 4 months later from a brain infection of unknown origins, he wa
  9. She sits beautifully, she sits and waits perfectly for feedings she will sit without fidgeting for 5 full minutes and will calmly do so again if I stop her mid feed without hesitation. She goes from sit to down well with a treat hidden in my hand, but without the smell of a treat she still is hit and miss on the down part. Come is also still hit and miss just saying the word while she is away from me 9not after a sit and stay) , but during the day when I am working in the art studio she roams the yard and in and out of the studio, and when I call out to her she will come in and see me very sh
  10. She is three months old now and 22 pounds all legs and feet she is a lovely sweet girl we also have Happy the Chihuahua hope you enjoyed my dogs I know I get a great deal of pleasure from them
  11. Reverse Blades I could not agree more with your statement "i think too many people see a threat where none exists"
  12. Qryos I can relate my granddaughter plays with slugs, she really loves Leopard Slugs, she finds them lovely and their patterns delightful all I could see was slime, but not her she saw beauty, so we took some photos macro images did show me the lovely patterns of these interesting critters and research told us all they ate and other aspects of their lives, now she has a slug enclosure she built in an old aquarium, where she can watch them and hopes to have some mate and lay eggs so she built the habitat to encourage that with sticks they can hang from (as the hermaphroditic critters entwine an
  13. As I age I find I question myself and my motivations for why I do, think and respond as I do in all aspects of my life, I also wonder how I came to the beliefs I have today. Of course I also ponder why others think, do and respond as they do, sometimes this seems simple and obvious, like: one of my sisters who lives in Florida was planting a few fruit trees several years ago in her yard and I asked if she was going to plant any orange trees, she reacted at once very harshly with "Oh no I HATE orange trees" so I asked her "why" and she could find no real cause, first she said they were messy,
  14. I am in total agreement, all schools should start signing with kids, as well as other languages like French and Spanish in kindergarten this not only helps people the rest of their lives to communicate with almost anyone it opens new pathways in the brain and makes learning even more languages easier for the rest of their lives. It is not easy to learn a new language as an adult (as a grandmother in my case) but it can be done, the older 2 siblings of my Deaf grandson are good at both ASL and English but the youngest (2) was born into a home where both is used and he is fluent and actually si
  15. Did not know this thanks for the information, my grandson is Deaf, was born without a cochlea in his ears, so we all got to learn a new language (well continue to learn and anticipate that to be a life long learning experience) he will be 6 in January and goes to kindergarten at the Alabama school for the deaf in Talledega, AL. But I have not seen anything from the school indicating recognition of a holiday. being a smart funny boy he just taught me the sign for Burp yesterday, and for pirate on friday when he told me he was not going home cause he was a pirate living in my pool, LMAO that bo