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  1. I've seen some of his stuff on tv and it's AMAZING!!
  2. One of the funniest movies!! A bit raw.... but funny as ummmmmm sin"?"
  3. Yes, it was on the news the other day. The name of the movie is Bubble. Bubble
  4. I personally took no offense.. Just also stating my opinion. Of course Ad money determines whether a show stays of goes.. and when you have someone as big as Focus on the Family protesting a show, few companies have the guts to throw money at a show that might get them boycotted by the entire evangelical community. What I find sad is they protested it without even seeing it. Personally I think it promoted many of the things they "claim" to promote. I think their reaction was in large part, knee jerk. I sure don't like having the evangelical community making decisions for me and I think if this show was given half a chance it would have made it.
  5. Actually, I saw every show and thought it was great! It was fresh and funny, yet still had a wonderful message about family, and honesty. Sure it may have seemed off that this priest talks to an imaginary Jesus, but Jesus offered him comfort and advice. The last show, one of the kids got into some trouble and made bad choices..... the reaction of the dad and how it was handles was superb!! The elder father having to deal with his wife's Alzheimer’s was also poignant. Focus on the family protested hard to get people to not watch... which is a shame because the message was incredibly family oriented. I find it amazing that they protest this show but let things like the Office on the air.. go figure.
  6. Dang... I enjoyed the show and if anyone had bothered to watch it.. they would have seen the underlying message of the show was wonderful! I agree, kitty.. what happen to PERSONAL responsibility and choice?
  7. Excellent choice! Congrats Von.. I would like to add that you inspired me to find a way to do my own thing to help out the victims of the hurricanes. Thank you!
  8. Of the hundreds of "spiritual" etc books that I have read over the years, the one to most change my life is The Urban Shaman By Serge Kahili King. It's a book that beautifully explains the simplicity of Huna and practical application for current times.
  9. Didn't the new owner say anything about his plans when he talked to you?
  10. The Da Vinci Code, the movie
  11. Tom Hanks is playing the lead...
  12. Yip BUT I have only found them at Pepridge farm outlets. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Target carries them now...