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  1. Who's to say that the scenarios you mention above aren't actually the lessons the soul is working on at that moment? A spirit guide will not, nor should, interfere with anyone's free will. Otherwise, what would be the reason for the lesson. If someone were to say, spirit made me do it, they are denying their OWN personal responsibilities. I like Brother Michael Sky's description of soul groups, etc. It has been explained to me much the same way (with a few differences) by spirits I work with.
  2. I have a suggestion if you are having trouble achieving altered state without drugs (I have never used drugs (nor fasting,to journey and do just fine). Obviously drumming has been suggested and there are drumming tapes available. My suggestion if some of the more traditional ways don't work, would be to find a Certified Hypnotherapist and have them take you down a time or two. Once your psyche gets used to the "feeling" it should be MUCH easier to do it yourself. In reality, being hypnotized, guided meditation and guided journeying are much the same thing.
  3. is guardedly optimistic.

  4. Same Mistake, James Blunt
  5. Having done quite a bit of journeying myself, I found your post refreshing and well written. I want to commend you on presenting shamanic journeying in the light of - there is no right or wrong way - . So often when people present ideas on things like shamanic journeying, crystal energy, healing energy, meditation, etc, they represent that there is only one way and it's their way of doing it. I personally find this frustrating and sadly limiting. Your post was terrific!!! Thank you!
  6. I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love. --Gandhi's Prayer For Peace
  7. I concur.. In Colorado any spiritual counseling has to be based on the doctrine of your religion. They are also very strict and you if step over that line you have to be a registered therapist/counselor... or face criminal charges. In Colorado we have to register with DORA, (each state has a similar department) They have two sections, licensed and unlicensed.. Unlicensed still need certifications and are generally professions like Hypnotherapist. Edited for TYPOS Again
  8. The video is not my mood.. the song is....
  9. WOWZA!!! I have some exciting news and I LOVE synchronicity OR the power of prayer.. In another thread I had asked for contacts and received some wonderful help behind the scenes here.. well today the EXACT right person from Coke contacted ME!!!!!!! this could be the beginning of the answer to my/our prayers... So with fingers crossed, I may have even more exciting news coming soon... Thank you to ALL!!!! (Sky happy dances around the room - high fiving everyone)
  10. Again, with deepest sincerity, thank you for your efforts...
  11. I must have been under two as my dad was a single dad from the time I was 4 months up until I was 2. I can remember standing up in my crib (at the end of his bed) at night when he came home late from night school. Sadly I remember his anger. I know at the time I probably didn't understand why the anger and now only figure that it was because I was up and he wanted to sleep.
  12. Thank you all so much...... I will let you know how it works out.
  13. As you may or may not know, my daughter and I started a business. Things are moving right along and lining up perfectly. We are, however, at the make or break point for money. This is tough for me, but I humbly ask that if you have a moment to spare, could you send a prayer, kind thought or shot positive energy our way. I totally believe in the power of prayer and would be most grateful for any time you can spare for this. Thank you most sincerely.
  14. I've done that with money, keys and my cell, to name a few. Nothing funnier than getting ready for bed and suddenly have money flying all around.
  15. ROFL... That sounds just like something I would do!!!!!!
  16. About a month before my 50th birthday, a AARP letter came in the mail and unfortunately for me, my kids saw it first. They had GREAT fun with. I get the mail every day now....
  17. Today, on this day of transformation, choose where you want to find yourself when the dust settles. This is so much bigger than the election. Not in many many years has there been such a day of transformation; an incredible window in which to be a positive co-creator with the other souls on this planet in this shift of consciousness and the creator in your own circle of energy. Take a moment to consciously choose who you are from this point on and what you want the world in which you live to look like. Thing big!! There are no limits! Cast aside your fears and we all hold hands and jump! All good things, Sky
  18. My deepest sympathy to Barak and his family on her passing.
  19. Things do happen for a reason... I got laid off and started my business.... best day of my life.. it's a new opportunity for you!!
  20. Anyone want to discuss the movie/book "The Secret"? I know it's been out a while, but I just re-watched it and would love to chat about it.