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  1. How many times we watched him and Tim Conway cracking up on live TV... you couldn't help but laugh.. remember the laughter..
  2. Oh I think he is perfect for the role.
  3. My 11 year old sons, with the help of their dad, have made a bunch of short movies that are really very funny... p.s. In truth, he has them write the scripts and do most all the work...... so some positive comments if you decide to watch, would tickle them big time. They find it amazing people watch their vids.
  4. He definitely is eloquent. And I have to admit a few of his lines made me smile, even chuckle. The "nothing in common" line made me out right laugh. And he sure is not afraid to speak his mind.... wow. Food for thought... Although I may not agree with everything he says, I respect that he at least appears to have done his homework before he rants. That's saying a lot in this time of more and more people becoming sheeple. (just my 2 cents)
  5. There are more than a few shamans lurking in the shadows... Ask away...
  6. This will show my DOA - by Bloodrock (I think)
  7. The dancing penguin made me laugh!
  8. The Macarana... no clue who did it and would prefer to keep it that way..
  9. Sky


    I would love to pick her brain about some of the details or find the site... thank you big time!
  10. Sky


    That's interesting. Maybe it's different in different parts of the country. I have been in the music business for over 10 years, owned a professional recording studio, a record label (small Indy) and managed bands. I have several friends in the music biz on a much larger scale, both in LA and NY. I have also had meetings with several A&R reps from major labels (discussing local bands they were interested in) But had never heard of a "Staff" lyricist.. cool. I'll check it out.
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    Not spoken word.... Lyrics are sold all the time. Sometimes with music, sometimes with out. Even BMI and ASCAP have membership categories for lyricists. Copy right law has specific language for lyrics only versus lyrics tied to music, etc.. I'm just looking for anyone who has had personal experience doing so.
  12. Anyone here have any experience selling lyrics?
  13. Sending peace and healing in your time of grief. Rev Sky Warnke
  14. I see it a bit differently than most, although I think Crzyme has said it very well. To be honest, I was faced with virtually the identical situation about 2 years ago. My father passed and my family fits the dysfunction description perfectly. I have trouble with the word "should." I find it amazing how often that word, and a few others like can't and have to, define our choices regardless of whether it is healthy for us or not. I choose not to go to my father’s funeral. My grieving process was/is personal. My presence there would have poured fuel on the fire as you suggested yours would and I choose NOT to perpetuate pain, theirs or mine. There is not a whole lot I can do to change the situation, and believe me; I spent most of my youth and much of my young adult life trying. For their own reasons my family “chooses” to stay in the dysfunction and I don’t. I also don’t want that same pain and poison to touch my children either so I don’t take them around the family of my youth anymore either. My father knows my feelings, good and bad, without having to attend a rather hypocritical funeral. (Hold your own personal one if you truly desire a memorial. NO ONE says there can only be one.) If a situation is unhealthy for you and or your family, there really is no reason to stay in it except that dreaded word “should.” I have no regrets that I am not in touch with my family or that my kids don’t have relationships with their aunts and uncles because they are mean spirited people. We have a warm caring extended family here that would walk on broken glass or give up a kidney faster than any blood relative I have would, so we are just fine… In fact we are better than fine because we have broken that cycle of dysfunction. So my advice is for you to do what is right for you and your family, not what others tell you that you “should” do.
  15. I've seen lots of positive reviews.... but I tend to look for the positive in all aspects of life in general.. The glass half full approach to life..
  16. I want to see it... it is getting GREAT reviews from what I read..
  17. There is a movie out called "Secret" by Prime Time Productions. I just watched it this morning. Personally, I think it's well worth watching. It is a philosophical non fiction about the law of attraction. To be honest, nothing I haven't read/heard/figured out before, but it is presented in a easy to digest thought provoking sort of way... I would love to hear what others whom have seen it thought.
  18. I don't do opening day movies, but I might make an exception here... I can't wait.
  19. Forgot about that.. he even has a disclaimer in the beginning...
  20. From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary I added the Bold... Dan Brown wrote a pretty darn good work of Fiction and now hopefully it will be a good movie.... I don't get why so many are up in arms.. he never represented anything as truth...
  21. Since when does FICTION need to have facts??? If so.... things like Star Trek and Narnia are in big trouble..