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  1. liviing in Seoul and the Universe

  2. MagnestyJoe

    Review Of "disaster Movie"

    yes, it is.
  3. Here is the link to a new video I put up on Youtube. It is intended to be a 30 second commercial for Maum Meditation. Have a look and tell me what you think. hugs, joe
  4. Thank you, Lida, for carrying on the torch your husband lit for all those who have a different viewpoint of the universe and the Truth. With the deepest of gratitude and appreciation, Rev. Joe Gattis
  5. MagnestyJoe

    Brokeback Mountain

    oops, sorry. those geographical things cornfusticate me sumtimes hugs, joe
  6. MagnestyJoe

    Brokeback Mountain

    ok, saw brokeback last night. the acting is incredibly good, the story is well written. it is all about two guys who happen to be midwestern and work as sheepherders, cowboys, rodeo riders, and farmers during their life. they fall in love by accident and the sex scenes are not as blatent as you might think. i mean if you saw one episode of queer as folk or any recent bond movie then you saw more sex and nudity than you will see in this movie. there are 3 nudes scenes and one obvious sex scene. the first nude scene one guy is naked squating down taking a bath in a bucket. nothing shown. the second the other guy is squating at the river bank in the nude washing his clothes. nothing shown. the third the two guys jump off a rock into a river in the nude. shot so far away you cannot see anything. the sex scene is kissing, ripping open each others shirts and pants, and then some intercourse. this time there is still not what you would call nudity because everything happens just outside of the camera's point of view. it dosen't even look like the one getting penetrated takes off his jeans. in short, nothing is really shown that you haven't seen on a soap opera on abc, cbs, or nbc. if you go see this expecting wild sex between two guys, you will be sorely disappointed. the have sex, and it is obvious. the movie is about a love relationship that has to remain hidden, and eventuallly destroys their lives. had they not hid it they would have been killed, and had they simply moved off and lived together they wouold have been happy. instead their lives are miserable because they choose to stay apart. and this choice becomes too much for one of them and he begins to see other men which winds up causing big problems. (no more details, i don't want to spoil it.) i liked the movie and would reccomend it highly to anyone who enjoys drama, good acting, good direction, and a good story. as a movie it is a good movie, however i thinl it will not stand the test of time because the subject matter will become too dated over the years. as a historical movie ( it starts in 1963 and ends sometime in the late 90's) it shows senseless bigotry, fear of being who you are and how life was for gays in the west and mid west. hugs, joe
  7. MagnestyJoe

    Kong Is King!

    I saw King Kong last night at the midnight show. Do not wait! Go! See the Eighth Wonder Of The World! And be prepared for an incredible 3 hour experience that rivals any movie ever made. A slow build up that explains why everyone is there and doing what they are doing. An incredible adventure on Skull Island. The final heart wrenching tale of love and sacrifice in New York. The audience quietly sobbing at the end of the movie. Did I say 3 hours? I never felt like I had been sitting there for that long. The slow build up is in the begining and before you begin to get antsy, the first drop of the roller coaster ride starts and dosen't stop until the end credits start to role. Kong (Andy Serkis) is totally believeable, so much that you never quite think to ask yourself is this real or CGI. The natives on the island will scare the bejeebers out of you, and Kong is the only sane one there. Ann (Naomi Watts) will make a believer out of you. Her acting is not acting, it is just being Ann Darrow. Carl Denham (Jack Black) is truly one of the most vile creatures in film history, all that is missing is a Snidley Whiplash moustache to cue you in. By the time you realize his true nature, though, he has established a new visage for vileness that will haunt you. His final look stays with you long after the end of the movie. Jack Driscoll (Adiren Brody) is the unwilling sap that gets sucked into the adventure and then finds not only his true love, but also his true abilities as he discovers himself willing to sacrifice for the love of his life. The remainder of the cast is outstanding and the CGI characters will rip your heart out, literally!!! Go ahead, cough up the money and take a time trip to the 30's and experience the awe that the original movie goers who saw King Kong felt. In that day there had never been anything like Kong on the screen. The effects were cutting edge. Today, when you've seen all the effects before, the wonder of the movie can be lost, but finally this movie is a MOVIE, in other words, the special effects are not noticeable and the movie has something that has been missing in recent years, namely a small thing called a dramatic plot. The story is the driving force here, not the ability to make you go "WOW that's some CGI!" That is as it should be. Movie makers can now do anything they can imagine, but too many of them only can imagine the pictures and lose the story in the technical and special effects. King Kong dosen't. So go and stop reading this! You will not regret it. hugs, joe
  8. MagnestyJoe

    Top Five

    2. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...Don't Lemmon and Curtis look just a bit TOO good in drag? don't you mean "some like it hot" with marilynn and the boys?
  9. MagnestyJoe

    Top Five

    5. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert maybe this should be higher on the list, i don't think i've seen the others also Victor Victoria i just adore that movie and how it protrays gay people and tolerance. joe
  10. MagnestyJoe


    i saw zathura on friday, opening day here. it's really good but it is basically jumanji in outer space. the moral is different, and actually better than jumanji. for the older people who have seen jumanji, it won't be that big a movie, but for those who didn't zathura will become a favorite movie. especialy the robot, and the slimy lizard beasts called zorgons. my favorite lines: what do zorgons eat? meat. oh. you're meat. (look of growing realization and fear) hugs, joe
  11. I saw this yesterday, and all I can say is, it may be the best movie of the summer! But be warned, this ain't your grandfather's Willy Wonka. Johnny Depp plays Willy as a childlike, highly messed up recluse-path. The movie fills in some background material on Willy and expands on some of the other parts. The music is pretty much the domain of the Oompa-Loopas. But wow!, is it ever a visual and turn twisting story that will touch your heart and make you head for the candy counter afterwards. hugs, joe
  12. MagnestyJoe

    Star Wars Episode Three

    i just went back and saw it for the second time. looked for the zipper on the wookie costume. sorry guys, that's not a zipper. the shot is very low for a closeup on yoda. the crotch on the wookie standing next to him is higher than yoda's head, so it could not be a zipper. you will see a small sliver of bright light that looks silver. it is the background shining between the wookies legs. the camera pans around yoda slightly and the silver strip dissappears as the angle changes. think about it, if there had been a zipper showing in that scene where they had done the animation with yoda, and digitzex him into the shot, the animators and ecitors would have been looking at the scene for days. it is only reasonable to believe that they would have spotted that bright shining object if it was a zipper. hugs, joe
  13. MagnestyJoe

    Star Wars Episode Three

    i don't remember ever having heard (in the movies) that jedi were not allowed to marry. if the force runs strong in the families then it would make sense to marry to keep the lines strong and make them stronger. where did you guys here this? was it in the books? or did i miss it in one of the movies? hugs, joe
  14. MagnestyJoe

    Star Wars Episode Three

    genetically encoded order- the sith would be big on secrecy and they did not even know the identity of other sith lords many times. also a genetically encoded order would be passed on for generations of clones wheras relying on them to just obey the order would be a risk that they would not want to take. also should something have happened to palpatine then he could have told someone to pass the order along and that person would not understand what would happen therfore less chance of it failing to be done. why didn't darth know about luke and leia- he was told padame died before giving birth to the babies, and even then he only knew about the possibility of one baby being born. remember, even luke and leia didn't know they were twins until much later. leia's hair- r2d2 has a hair spray attachment that they never show in the movies, and guess who doe her hair? c3p0, who else? how does darth eat- the mask flips up and he can live without it long enough to eat. darth cannot sense luke and leia are twins- not even luke caught on until someone gave him a hint. and i agree whole heartedly, don't overanylize, they are just movies. and by the way, maybe the wookie's zipper was cause he was wearing wookie pants? hugs, joe
  15. MagnestyJoe

    Star Wars Episode Three

    I hope so. I originally heard that he wrote somewhere between 12 and 15 episodes. The original concept was to make an old fashioned serial like they showed in the movie theatres from 1915 to 1960. Then he sat down thinking he would only be able to make one and decided on episode 4 as the one that would hold together as an individual story.