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  1. Hyer All, I'm doing a wedding ceremony for a couple who were married in Nevada for their family in chicago. They are already married however want to have a service for their family. Is there any legal thing I need to do since they are already married. thanks Minister OZ
  2. with deepest sympathy. there is another start twinkling down upon us.... reverend kurt fondriest
  3. hi all. saw The lake house, i must say a very metaphysical film. what did others think? I think it is worth seeing. peace minister oz
  4. the church has more things of concern rahter then a book, a story that yes uses real vague facts and end up as fiction peace rev. kurt
  5. well this is the 3rd year annivesary in ulc for me. i came here because of the diffferent paths that were relected here. i became ordianed here because i knew ministry is one of my life missions. i am also a board certified holistic health practitioner, certified expressive art therapist, am earning a ph.d in holistic ministries from american institue of holistic theology, i earend a doctor of divinity from universal light church. i completed the soul clinic class offered by ulc, very good. iam a cerified pastoral counselor, and board certified chaplain through the international pastoral c