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  1. Very interesting questions. I am a full time minister 24/7. I would perform any ministry duty called up to perform 24/7. I am not seasonal as I do this all year. I consider myself active as I do marriages all year. I have only done one memoral service but Im open to any service that ministers do. I dont work in a mainstrem organized church but would if asked and being a women not many of them would ask. The doctrine of "do that which is right" which I believe is the heart and soul of ULC is forever at the for front of everything I do and dont do. If I were so inclined it would make for a great Tattoo with the ULC logo above it!
  2. New here

    There are many Christians in ULC. ULC is not a religion it is a way of thinking, being all inclusive of all beliefs and religions. You can follow your Christian beliefs and still be ordained in ULC. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please and blessings to you!
  3. Sons Wedding

    That is a true blessing you were able to officiate your Sons wedding. Many blessing to you!
  4. Light and Darkness

    This is a most interesting verse. I checked out some other variations of it on I tried to attached a file that shows some of the variations from other translations but I don't have the way to convert it so go there and check is out. Some of the translations they have I have never heard of. Since we are all a part of God and he is in us, we are in him, we can create light or we can create darkness. We have the yin and yang within us. The freewill to do either. Darkness is the absence of all light. This represents the picture of not knowing. “keep them in the dark” . This can also represent un enlightenment. This word indicates we have come from darkness and into light. How do we create light? Turn on a switch and a light bulb comes on. Turn on our mind to endless possibilities and the light bulb is above our head! New truths, new thoughts and light is within us. These opinions are mine alone. trie
  5. ordination

    This might help
  6. Hey! Nice to meet you! I was a independent insurance agent for 15 years during part of this life and I'm now retired and working full time at being a ulc minister. Officiating and writing books that are in a rewrite currently but loving helping. I have a Masters in Ministry this year from ULC Seminary. Anyone traveling through Tucson Az is welcome to stop and say hi!
  7. Sorcress Drawing

  8. Very interesting, I don't have quite the optimism of the future in general as some of you. I see the clergy in the future following more of the world view and bending to what the government wants it to say. I do believe we at ULC may be the saving grace for the world. We hold different views as most main stream religions and because we are so varied we walk to a different drum. We will be the spiritual, real spiritual leaders in the future. We will listen and guide those who do not want to follow what someone says should be. We are independent of spirit and have a soul that flies. We learn from each other and are not afraid to share what we learn. I think I got off track but you get the gest. I don't follow any main stream religion, I am Universal in belief! Love you all!
  9. Therapeutic Touch

    That really helps me! Thank you so much, lots to think about!
  10. Therapeutic Touch

    This is so interesting, I have studied Reiki level 1 but the teachers who do alignment seem to want a lot of money to do it. Please continue this discussion Its really interesting! Thanks.
  11. Hi all! I am of the belief that we are most defiantly recycled! Having been told I am over 10,000 years old and some days I most defiantly feel like it. I truly believe we are reincarnated. I do not believe we go through steps like being a animal and progressing up to a human. I do believe we are sent back into different situations to each learn or teach and most times both. I know of a few of my past lives. One I was a monk and one an orphan. Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this!
  12. The Stone Parable

    Beautiful, life for seekers in a nut shell!
  13. Ministry vs. Church

    So, fellow ULC'rs what is your take on the difference between having a ministry or a church and do you see any difference? Your take is most welcome here! Thanks
  14. Ministry vs. Church

    WOW thank you everyone you are all truly a blessing to me! Love to all Rev. Joy
  15. I'm not sure who Murph is but I hope you had a great day!
  16. New haiku thread

    Off to bed I go One more Dr Who Show what? Too webbly wobbly must sleep.
  17. New haiku thread

    Thanks seeker, as I read them I though the same thing, LOL I know I have some haiku's some where. Its just finding them. Please share if you have more.
  18. New haiku thread

    My mother was great at Haiku, so here is one she wrote. Smog Over the hill Lies smogville Smoggy Sun Smoggy moon. Useless waste of fresh air. An all going nowhere. the more I read it the more it seems like a poem LOL. May this one? Trouble Smile at troubles There only bubbles sailing on in space. If you frown You bring them down around you everyplace.
  19. I prefer Reverend Joy, just me and don't usually get addressed as Reverend by my couples anyway. LOL its all good
  20. Hi Fred, Amy Long has a great video that explains about the split, she is the founder and President of ULC Seminary, you can watch the video at
  21. Since this post is over a year old, I would hope you have found all the answers to your questions by now. If not, I use vistaprint for business cards, you design your own with there templates and they are very lost cost. You can hand out cards at shows. When I first started I went to only a few cards and spoke with DJs and exchanged cards and what ever venues where there I would get there cards. Most of these shows are way to expensive for you typical minister to be able to afford a table at so if you do find one in your area its a great way to get your name out there. I have advertised on Craig's list but not often, I have a free website on weebly and a facebook page. I do advertise on facebook a couple times a year and you can reach a very large audience that way. When you go into the ad setting you can expand your audience. Its low cost and I always get a return and increase in customers. I have only don't 1 wedding show and I did not make my money back on that. I have formed relationships with flower shops and photographers but word of mouth and FB advertising seem to work best. Put your card up on bulletin boards at bookstore or any where else they will let you. I have been doing this for 7 years and love weddings. I also searched local officiants webpages to get and idea of prices and services offered. Hope this helps!
  22. Peace and hugs to your family. Take comfort in knowing he is at peace and well.
  23. As we enter this coming July 4th Holiday I wanted to share how grateful I am for all of you. With out my fellow ministers of the ULC family I would not have the courage to have finished the Seminary. Each time I had a question you were all ready with your answer and opinion and they were most helpful. You also cheered with me with I finished a class and were most curious about each course I shared with you. My journey is for ever and Iam happy to have you as my traveling companions! We are all one and Do that which is right! May you each have a most restful and pleasant July 4th no matter how you spend it! Love and Light! Rev. Joy
  24. This is for all the strong ladies, who have been through a lot in life and survived!!! I am strong because I know weakness, I am compassionate because I have experienced suffering, I am alive because I am a fighter, I am wise because I've been foolish, I can laugh because I've known sadness. I can love because I've known loss. Re-post if you are a strong woman who has weathered the storm but still loves to dance in the rain...

    1. Touch The Sole

      Touch The Sole

      Love this. I Am thriving.

  25. looking at 104 today,Have a great day all.