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    Rev. Ashley
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    Author, Tarot Reader, Occultist, Manga Artist, Casual Gamer, Definitely not a Cordon Bleu Chef but Enjoys Cooking, Anime Fanatic
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    I have a philodendron I named Glenda-Jean.
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    I really like being alive. Best feeling ever.
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    That's a thing.
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    Writer & Tarot Reader

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  1. Thankies. I'm glad to be back around friends. There are probably dozens of people who've gotten ordained since I used to chill here. 🙂
  2. This was wonderful. A little dated for me to watch and share but. This was so true. It's been two years since this was posted - and about two years ago I would have been called out. Today? I'm not called out.
  3. So, here I am, a returning minister to the forums. I just got done reading about our Atwater Vitki's passing. He touched me deeply and I'm glad we could give him a shout out. Ya'll probably knew me as MySanctification. Well, I'm baaack. Otherwise, how ya'll doing? If you wanna know more about me go ahead and shoot me an inbox or just read my profile. Whatever ya'll wanna do. That's cool with me. I'm probably going to edit this post later to add details about myself but I gotta run real quick. Love ya'll.