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    Studying the Bible, further education to go along with my Ordination. Taking care of my husband and having fun with my Grandson.
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    Celebrate Divirsity, Embrace Unity
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I cant believe how many years have gone by since I 1st opened this account.  Since then I have retired and I officiate weddings, a lot. 2016 my Son got ordained so we do this together.  We even built a outside pergola so we can host small wedding at our location.  I love officiating and I love being part of the ULC Family.  2017 I got my Masters from ULC Seminary in Ministry Woo Hoo that only took me 6 years!  I doubled up on classes once I retired. So finished earlier then I would have.  On my Ordination date, My 1st ordination through ULC was actually 1969 but I cant remember the address I was at for the records search.  Next ordination was 2002, life took a hard turn and I renounced my ordination in 2013 which I have always regretted.  So My current ordination date is 2014.  Life has its ups and down and sometimes we have to walk away to realize what we had.  I love helping new Ministers and am happy to do so!