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  1. Well - if you start selecting which inmates can getthe educatin, then the schools could start saying that a kid is a bully and therefore not eligible for their education. Free for one needs to be free for all. This is a concept that America is now struggling with as so many are standing with their hands out looking for more. As fr the cost estimate - I was considering the cost of education - not room and board. And I would not be surprised about the 6500, but as you say - you are making an assumption, and I have not looked up the info.
  2. Ask my wife and she will say that I am still not responsible enough to make major decisions. Hmmmm.... So how is it that I made the decision to marry her??
  3. Consider for a moment ... What percentage of the American prison population has a high school level education even to start with? Many of the people that are getting their "free" education are actually getting their GED. Those that are working for a college degree are making themselves more marketable in the job market for when they do get out. Let us face it ... there are not a lot of chances for convicts out there depending on what they were in prison for in the first place. It would be difficult at best for them to compete with just a high school diploma or GED. Does it make me happy that the tax payers are paying for this? Not really. But there again ... we pay for children to get their "free" public education and the opportunity to go to college. I am curious what the cost of education for prisoners really is, and how many actually take advantage of this opportunity through the country?
  4. Lordie - There is without a doubt a few people such as yourself that have a medical condition that may require a certain manner of wearing clothing. But, I would be willing to wager a guess that the majority of the teen and 20 somethings that are wearing their pants like that have not experienced the medical issue that you have. I have heard the same as Hex has as well. I have also heard that it originated from the fact that many jails don't keep a variety of sizes available for prisoners, and so they have to wear the next available size. This meant that their pants would sag, because they were also not allowed a belt. When released, they continued to wear their clothing in this manner. It becaome almost a status symbol on some inner city gangs to wear their pants like that so that they would have a rep as having been to jail. I certainly do not mean to draw an opinion of people based upon their appearance, but this manner of dress in most cases has nothing to do with any medical issues, but as a status or as Hex pointed out, something else entirely. Peace to you. I pray that you have relief from your pain. B
  5. Fawzo is just looking for any excuse to whip it out. "But officer - the lights went out." "The train only entered a tunnel sir - It was not a blackout."
  6. I pray that your recovery will be quick. I turned my ankle last month and they still don't know what is wrong - more tests Monday to see what they can find. Whee.
  7. IMHO none of this discussion has been very good as there is too much opinionated finger pointing. It seems that even though this is a forum for open discussion, there are many that are taking the perspective that their opinion is the only correct opinion. I aim that accusation at both sides of the issue. There have been a number of posts that are on the verge of accusatory and non-tolerant of other people's beliefs. I have stayed out of this for quite a while, but I agree with Rainbow here and feel the need to express it. People are trying to play gotcha games and maneuvering like it is a game of chess rather than having an open and honest discussion. Again - this is just my 2 cents worth.
  8. Would not Trade Maine for anything!

  9. April 1865 - The Month That Saved America by Jay Winik
  10. Robin I am so sorry to hear of your health issue. My prayers are going out to you.
  11. Isn't Obama pushing the Kool aid now??
  12. Thanks for the thought! It is always appreciated!!
  13. I vaguely remember that happening once or twice, but - the memories are just sooo fuzzy. Like my mouth the next day.
  14. LONG interview. Say congrats to him!
  15. No - I usually do what I can when I can. Spare change in the cans at the cash register, "wishing fountains" for the kids to play around, out grown clothing to the local clothing bank, etc.
  16. Simple answer - No. Longer answer - They taste even better the more that you have!!
  17. Prayers that he gets the job. Good luck!
  18. My Mother went through it. My prayers are there for her.
  19. I will include you all in my prayers. I am sure hubby is worried and it is good of you to put the request out for your father in law. I hope all will be well.
  20. Marty had been looking for. Marty stood there, looking at the confusion, and said...