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  1. I always thought it was a nice shade of RED!
  2. My thoughts and prayers are coming in your direction for you and your family. I pray for a miracle for your brother.
  3. Thanks all - it was a nerve wracking night - it turns out that she only had an anxiety attack due to an allergic reaction. Thanks again for your good wishes, prayers, and positive energies. Thanks again. Brian & Tracey
  4. Thanks all - it was a nerve wracking night - it turns out that she only had an anxiety attack due to an allergic reaction. Thanks again for your good wishes, prayers, and positive energies. Thanks again. Brian & Tracey
  5. Please everyone - send your prayers and positive energies toward Maine tonight. About 30 minutes ago my mother was taken to the hospital because of a heart attack. This is her second one in the past 5 years. Unfortunately I am too far to visit and be with her at this immediate time. All I can do now is pray. Thanks everyone.
  6. Does this mean that Gold/money is evil??
  7. My prayers and thoughts go to her and to you during these difficult times. God Bless.
  8. Very good & you beat me to this post. Prayers are out to all those who need them.
  9. And with that I would like to introduce you all to my wife - Sarahsmom, aka Tracey.
  10. Gotta love when they remember we still like toys too! Many regards.
  11. Of course now the police have a prime suspect in the murder of the guys father.
  12. Please pray for my wife as she lost her job today. She is very depressed as she found a co-worker that was supposed to be her friend wasn't so much her friend as she thought he was. There was a customer complaint and her co-worker left her to hang for the problem. The powers that be wanted a scapegoat and selected her. She really loved that job too. I know that God will show her another way, but right now she needs the support and prayers of as many as she can get. Thanks to all. No response is necessary, just please keep her and the kids in your thoughts and prayers. I am fine. A little bummed, but fine over all. A new school year is starting so I will be busy. I told her this would give her time to work on setting up our congregation and starting her wedding consulting business that she wants to start. Maybe there was a reason for it all. Thanks all for reading. I just needed to get that said somewhere. I know that you all are good "listeners". Brian
  13. May our prayers be heard and acted upon and God help our brother through these hard times.
  14. I have been going to the Seminary site and checking out what Amy Long has done and posted. She has left a lot of good advice out for everyone. I am sure Dorian can direct you better than I as he is associated with the Seminary.
  15. I thought that maybe the beginning of the election in 2010 could be the start of it all. Yes - I said 2010. This year's election started in Jan of 2007 after all.
  16. I actually asked HQ about that and Br. Kevin said that all that was needed was for the Pastor to be ordained. The other two can be anyone over 18. I actually had my wife get ordained just to be sure. I am now searching for a reliable 3rd to bring into the fold.
  17. Is it a coincidence that the next presidential election takes place in 2012?
  18. I guess it depends on who is confessing to whom. It certainly wouldn't help for the "other lover" to confess on the behalf of the spouse to the one that has been cheated on. I've been on the receiving end of one of those confessions. Not fun for anyone.
  19. You have to remember that it wasn't until the middle ages that the general populace was educated enough to read, and that there was a way to mass produce the books that written texts became the mainstay in religion. It was either through an oral tradition to those selected to lead the church/religion, or the education to read the text and lead the congregation that the messages were passed to the common people. It was a two - fold reason. One - the message was intended to be delivered in a certain method/way and it would lead to jumps in logic if lay people were allowed to read sacred texts and perversions of the religion by people who did not have the training to understand the message that was being delivered. Hence the the arguments about whose interpretation is correct and the debate that was used to open this thread. (which I will get back to answer) Two - it was easier for the European church to control the people if they were dependent upon the parish priest for their lessons and not going out on their own with their beliefs and understandings. A good example of why non-traditional religions are viewed with slanted eyebrows.
  20. We should especially pray for the children for having to witness that violence. They will live with it for the rest of their lives.