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  1. True, so why not make the most of it in the mean time...?
  2. Yes, WHO advises a three layer mask as a "technical" measure (compare that to the cloth masks people use weeks on end). But read up on their advice regarding the use of a mask by the general public (I paraphrase: "the decision to enforce the general public to wear masks was apolitical one, not a scientific one). But we can let this rest anyway. I think overall we agree (a periodic jab will prove to be the solution). I just don't think it is as black and white like you portrayed it to be (that not wearing a mask is criminal). We have had that discussion/nuance enough as far as I am
  3. Yes, let's hope we can get as fast and safe as possible to the state Pete already described: periodic updated jabs (and "business as usual")...
  4. Yes, stay at home when you're ill. That is not a specific Covid-19 advice, but I find it strange that we find it socially acceptable that ill people move around spreading germs... call me crazy. Yes, professionals use masks in operating theatres. Masks work, I never said they didn't. But even those professionals do not USE them the right way all the time. Let alone laymen on the street. Then they not only stop working but start being counterproductive. I know you - and a lot of pleople - "do not care", but I do care what people who actually know a thing or two about it (like the WH
  5. I got that... was just being snarky in my PS. Sorry for that. And thanks for clarifying!
  6. Yes!!! PS. Although there are people who would argue that both modern sheep as well as dogs have been created from day 1 (or was it 4) instead of purposefully bred/evolved...
  7. Deo volente (pun intended). And a nice bridge back on topic: it is nice to see you are doing your best to enjoy this physical world of ours as long and as healthy as you can. Bringing joy to others in the mean time! What more can we wish for...?
  8. No, the rest isn't "so" either... If we look at the numbers - again - we see that countries that had a lot (compared to other countries that enforced stricter rules) of deaths in the first wave had significantly less deaths (again, compared to those other countries) in the second and third wave. This just goes to show that the virus "finishes off" people (yes, some very young - but obviously "preconditioned" - people) who are on the "verge" of dying. The death covid-19 brings is an awful one and I am very happy we have gotten better at medicating it and the vaccine seems to be succ
  9. That's one of the two things; to answer your question first: that depends on your body. It's quite individual (ranging from people with a very low tolerance and diagnosed as such to people hardly noticing any effects, like my wife, and everything in between). You'll have to "feel" it yourself... The second thing is also important: do avoid gluten, but also avoid "gluten free" products (the are full of crap usually)...