James Webb Space Telescope

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One of the wonderful perks to being on a university campus is getting to attend free lectures.   

NASA sends folks out colleges to recruit and to promote their programs.      


When I was in college ages ago - I attended a NASA presentation hosted by "Scotty" from StarTrek.   He was well schooled to discuss actual science bu the big draw was the blooper reel from the show never before seen other than on this tour. 


The current NASA presentation was entertaining but the speakers are actual scientists with a sense of humor.   They brought mind blowing photos and artist renderings and actual footage of what is coming and it is astounding.    The James Webb Space telescope - which will be launched in 2019 will not orbit earth - but rather shoot out to a distance well beyond our moon.   Watching the engineering required to fold (origami style) a telescope bigger than the space craft carrying it..... is a marvel in and of itself.   


Has anyone checked out the footage online?    NASA  has lots of info and you will be impressed to see what they have been up to.  The new James Webb Telescope will see back in time to infancy of space as we understand it.     BTW, you do not have to have a Phd to understand it.   Nor is one required to request time for experiments.  Time is allotted by peer review.  NASA is searching for the best ideas (from anyone) - you have till spring to get your proposals in there.   


Is anyone else following this story?    We have come a LONG way, baby.     There is no way to see it and not be impressed in my view.   



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On 10/11/2017 at 4:25 AM, Jonathan H. B. Lobl said:

Some scientists have a great sense of humor.  My favorite physics term is W.I.M.P.












Same basic idea, but I thought it was "weakly interacting massive particle".  They contrast with MACHOs (massive astrophysical compact halo objects) as rival explanations for dark matter.

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