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Im new to this forum so thought id introduce myself, my name is okyere I am from the GHANA. I have faith and would like to start making contact with others with faith and hope to strengthen this faith through online friendship and positive " write & read " or any other mediums you use online with each other. Im new to online spiritual side of life so ready to listen and learn.

I have not done the ordination,but i hope it is done at states and while am in GHANA too, how could it be done.did you have a branch here.

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Though the ULC may ordain and recognize anyone as ministers all around the world, even Ghana, governments may view otherwise according to their own laws. Many cases of recognition have involved long legal fights and/or precedents.

Don't know the laws and views of Ghana. You may have to do much research. You may also need allies if you must fight a legal battle, so seek sympathizers, as well, especially those knowledgeable in law.

Also, there are many who become ordained but serve no legal functions at all, except to follow their own faith and learn.

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I am new here, and hoping to find some calmer discussions than the ones I started with. I renewed my ordination with ULC-CA in September (previously with now-defunct Order of Melchizedek in 2003). Also with ULC-WA and Open Ministry before I found ULC-CA. I am now enrolled in ULC Seminary in Chaplaincy and Comparative Religions.  I feel I am settled in with ULC-CA. 

I tend to help people wherever I go, whatever I am doing, and  this has been my way for 30 years, so I see my ordination as an extension of my natural path.  Not sure yet how it will play out, but I'm not worried about it - I just know it will.

peace be with you



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