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  1. Just finished "Faithful Transgressions" by Laura Bush (Not that Laura) about pioneering Mormon women. A very informative book. I'm reading "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout, Ph.D. It's very interesting. She writes that one in twenty-five Americans has no conscience.
  2. Reading "The Passionate Troubador" by Edward Hays. It's about Francis of Assisi, and it's great reading.
  3. That sounds like a great book! I finished "The Scimitar and the Veil; Extraordinary Women of Islam" by Jennifer Heath. It was wonderful, I highly recommend it. It deals with a handful of women from the seventh century to the present. Right now I am reading "The Working Poor, Invisible in America" by David Shipler.
  4. Just finished "The Magic Circle" by Katherine Neville. A few areas are a bit convoluted, but it was interesting and engrossing. Here's a link. The Magic Circle
  5. I just finished "Galileo's Daughter" written by Dava Sobel. The book includes letters from his daughter, who was a cloistered nun. It was an excellent, interesting book. I give it four bookmarks.
  6. I'm reading "Momentum & Midnight Reflections" by the very talented Adrian Bartholomew, fellow poet and fellow ULC member. The use of language is interesting and evocative.
  7. I'm reading "Nothing Left Over: A Plain and Simple Life" by Toinette Lippe. It's wonderful.
  8. High praise coming from the master.
  9. Waves of onyx roll Beneath caps of frothy lace Wind bends the sea oats. TLW Sky is a pasture for clouds of grey, gravid sheep Rain brings the shearing. TLW
  10. The ice cream truck calls Like a steel drum pied piper Cream whiskers and smiles.