Have Towel...will Toss In

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Okay, this is beyond any "coincidence", any "in the cards or stars or bones", it's absolutely ludicrous...

Last Thursday, 12-29-11 Our cats go to vet for chemical burns from maint crew

Saturday 12-31-11 I got notice that one of my buddies on a local newspaper forum passed away from kidney and liver failure after 2 days in hospital...we've met several times for coffee and swapped garage sale junk a few times.

Sunday 01-01-12 I get a call from a total stranger that my good buddy down in Idyllwild-Hemet Lake (where we got Hemet and MeShell-as 3wk old kittens) passed away as we were his "Emerg. Contact #" The gal that called was Gordon's new wife, married in hospital by chaplain only minutes before his passing from kidney failure and liver damage.

I no sooner gain my composure enough to call mutual friends in Wyoming about our good friend Gordon and no answer, when they call back a few hours later, they were at another mutual friend's funeral (old biker buddy died 12-27-11 from scerosis of liver) and while at funeral today their mix breed dog got into the blacksmith shop and drank a bunch lye/chem/etching water Dave uses in smithing and was DOA when they got home.

3 people I know, 1 very, very close, (Gordon) 1 "good friend" (Gerry) and 1 'more than acquaintance' friend (Gary) oh, whoa...it's just hit home all 3 are "G's", the 7th letter

3 pets, 1 dies from drinking chemically laced water, our two= critical burns internally

ah, in divinity "3" is a very powerful number, in astrological terms it is significant and there are "no coincidents". So numerically similarities, situation or circumstances surrounding deaths=similarities, pet accident similarities....I mean whoa hey...this is just way too strange things at once and all come to pass by the 1st day of the New Year over the past few days????

Yeah, like I said, Have towel, I'm ready to throw it into the karmic ring as this is is just too much. I sit here in total shock as writing it down so I can "see it all"....man, way too strange for coincidences.

I'm a ... ah.... I'm....ah...they are...ah....I mean ah...er... :dntknw:

This is honestly too much to deal with right now, the "coincidences" have my head whirling from the implications and if I did a numerology/cosmic chart on all these ...well... I already know what the outcome would be. It's disturbing at the very least, enough to make a person bonkers on the surface let alone peeling the onion.

As far as asking for prayers, hey thank you and I know it'll turn around soon, I'd ask more for prayers to give me an understanding into why so much all at once?? If this is how the year is going to start 18 hours into it...am I really wanting to know how the rest of the year will go?

Has been a whoa-hey few days for sure.

Blessings of Peace and Hope for understanding,


PS: Yeah, I'll probably be out/off-line for a couple of days....this is just a real noggin knocker heart breaker

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wishing you light and strength my friend

I wish I had answers to the "whoa, so much?" but it reminds me an awful lot of the boyfriend dumped me, mother died, dog died, plane crash year - some suggested reading the book of job but I was hyper-focused on the myth of sisyphus

I don't have to tell you that that time was filled with amazing things too, as your new year will be

but at this time of deep sadness, I wish you good things henceforth!

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Thank you. Off to the vet for a follow-up appt on the "kids".... and then a visit to one of Gordon and my old fishing holes. Been a loooong night of contemplation and remembering. All I can think of is his weary bride. Married and within minutes a widow. I mean I totally understand the emotions behind such a move, I fully realize neither was fooling the other by "a ring and a vow will fix it all". They too knew each other for many years and Barbara's 30+ year marriage ended in her being a widow about 3 years ago... to this type situation. Just strange how the ♫♪♪carrousel of Life keeps on spinning round, and the painted ponies go up and down♫♫

The things that happen along the path of our Lives seems to test any relationship, whether a friendship, spouse or other...then a death comes along and all that does is seemingly endorse the tests rather than the Life. What's up with that?

Thanks again folks,

Blessings of Peace,

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