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by Neale Donald Walsch. Has anyone read it? I recommend it to anyone really. It brings God to our level and I believe us to God's level. Those who have read it, what are your thoughts. Let's discuss.

I found the books fascinating and have read all in the series.... I think there are 10 of them (only 3 CWG). It is the same information I gained from other sources such as A Course in Miracles, The Lost Teachings of Atlantis, and studying the ancient religions. Once you get past the garbage of what has been added to most of the books of the major religions you come up with the same conclusions.

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My conversations with God generally go something like this:

Adam I want you to move to Spokane (back in 86') and I was like screw you! ~chuckles~. But all my friends strangely enough started moving up to Spokane for no reason, well I didn't want to be alone in San Diego, so I went with my brothers.

Many of my conversations with God are like that...he tells me what to do and I tell em to screw off! AFter decades of getting what he wants in spite of my wiillful presense I just gave up and started doing what God/Conscious/Demon it told me too.

Today I prefer to listen it is much easier, and the very fact that I am alive today is miraculous to say the least.

In the 80's I made meth and taught Mexicans how to make it for Uncle Sam....I was also in a heavy metal band, I was using meth interveinously and banging every girl in San Diego it seemed like ~chuckles~. I never got so much as the clap, while some of the same associates I shared needles with got Hep C and AIDS...I never got it and should have ~smiles~.

I've been shot, stabbed, and generally love to solve my problems with violence, I suffer from PTSD and IERD (Explosive Rage Disorder), so when someone is authoratative to me, or a complete and total ahole I go beserk on them...I always have since I was a child.

Last year I was bed ridden with 3 terminal illnesses and several chronic ones. I have Deep Vein Thrombosis, Pulminary Immune Defeciency Syndrome, and a form of non viral AIDS...I was unable to barely walk from my bedroom to my living room.

The funny thing is all this sickness came on while I defied my knowledge/faith...I went back to my faith and my true knowledge...I am doing Cardio 6 days a week now, as well as doing serious muscle building with weights ~smiles~.

The last time I went to the doctor for a blood clot they said it was superficial and they couldn't explain why it wasn't pulminary, so they did some checking and they have no idea where my DVT went and my INR is perfect! The doctors told me it was permenant, incurable, and progressive! I haven't had Pneumonia this last winter or summer, and I got it every year with each year getting worse! But I haven't had to use my inhaler for almost 1.5 years now!

I still get infections, so my IDS is still alive, but my infections are getting further and further apart...the more I follow my faith the healthier I am was when I was trying to be a Christian for several years. And I don't perceive singular Christians as was just a very powerful lesson to me that one who defies their faith is truly in a state of separation that can lead to many varying degrees of depression, illness, stress, and even death.

Those years of separation from what I know what a slow train to Hell, literally! ~smiles~.

So I chose to listen to my God/Faith/Conscious/whatever the hell you want to call it, so that I can be healthy in Mind, Body, & Spirit despite what others think of my way of life ~smiles~.

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CWG inspired my spiritual awakening. :)

The CWG series and Walsh's ReCreate organization are part of what I consider "modern gnostic" belief. As Jim and Fawzo had mentioned, CWG is part of a series of books that reveal similar truths, and can help to bring us closer to Gnosis/Enlightenment/Christ.

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