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  1. Well I enjoy the modesty, however if you write you are a SCRIBE, and if you try and help others by ministering that makes you a TEACHER! I do understand where you are coming from however, and pride doeth come before the fall ~smiles~. Hell we all love ya anyway!
  2. Yeah, there has been some limited but substantial proof that there is reincarnation, but not enough to disprove charlatanism and trickery. I would like to believe that there is a wheel we ride on thousands of time until we are prepared to take over for the ailing and aging God, but we would be an exact clone by process of these life leanings, but again pure speculation ~smiles~. I have had a near death experience and perceived myself to be talking directly to God/Creator and he told me to come home, but I saw my mom and brother crying, so I asked to stay on this Earth. Next thing I know I am
  3. Isn’t that funny how they perpetuate race and hate? ~chuckles~, just that classification on any document effects people in ways unknown to them causing deep-rooted subliminal ideologies ~grins~. Whenever I fill out a document I always put in “OTHER” ~snickers~ and if it has a please explain I put in NO ~chuckles~. I also personally don’t believe in the “”-American garbage. You are either an American or not an American ~smiles~. I could careless what color you are, but I do get angry when minorities get racial preferences to colleges and stuff when someone else might have had better grades. I
  4. The reasons Chrsitians get so defensive is because they can't handle the doubt, but instead of smiling at you and letting it be they try and ram it down your throat and force you to see their will ~chuckles~, because if some other thought than what their faith commands would unravel the universal fabric of their reality creating depression, confusion and possibly insanity, so it is imperative that they cling to their ideologies and leave little room for facts (not all christians, just most as a whole). My whole family are deep rooted evengelicals ~chuckles~. Anytime someone suggests something
  5. Will you marry me?! ~chuckles~ Actually, you are engaged and I have been happily married for almost 16 years ~smiles~. However, I want you to know that nothing rev's my motor like an intelligent and philosophical woman! ~smiles~. Your theory is valid, especially with the fact that no one on Earth knows what the true reality is ~smiles~. We are limited by our own existance on this plane, however even in the Christian/Religious Realm, I don't understand how they can't see "Evolution" as a product of God's "Quantum Mechanics & Physics", but they just sluff it off like it is impossible becau
  6. My conversations with God generally go something like this: Adam I want you to move to Spokane (back in 86') and I was like screw you! ~chuckles~. But all my friends strangely enough started moving up to Spokane for no reason, well I didn't want to be alone in San Diego, so I went with my brothers. Many of my conversations with God are like that...he tells me what to do and I tell em to screw off! AFter decades of getting what he wants in spite of my wiillful presense I just gave up and started doing what God/Conscious/Demon it told me too. Today I prefer to listen it is much easier, and the
  7. They gave it about 10 seconds of thought and moved on to the next commercial break ~chuckles~. I guess it wasn't quite the eye opener to them that it was to me ~chuckles~
  8. Aye, it was designed to take away man's pride because he loves to be heard so that he can gain power...hence Jesus gave specific instructions to avoid this kind of superficial blabbering, but alas they still pray aloud to be heard before men ~smiles~. At least they aren't on every street corner anymore like they were in the days of milk and honey ~smiles~. Today's water down version is make sure you are praying for the right reasons!
  9. The actual blessing of the food was from ancient times when they blessed it so they would hopefully be protected from getting sick or illness ~chuckles~. It was more a purification rite than thankful statement. If you a Jew or Christian it says not to be repititious, then doles a repititious prayer...I think what it was really trying to say was "Say what you mean, mean what you say". ~chuckles~, and to be sincere in your prayers and not just say the same thing over and over and over ~grins~. I personally don't care for showing gratitude towards any divine power, however I do love meditation ~
  10. A few weeks ago Larry King Live had some Pysicists and Retired Air Force Generals who claimed these UFO/Aliens were shutting down missles at several different sites. It all started back in the 60's and continues to this day, so they say ~smiles~. I called in and actually got through ~chuckles~. My Question? Why do you keep calling them "Aliens"? I mean if we are going to speculate let's really speculate ~grins~. What if these were people from the future trying to keep us from doing something really stupid? What if it has always been people from the future trying to subliminally guide our
  11. Well the human soul has been around for a few million years and other than technology and language not much has changed. We still find reasons to kill each other when our normal enemies are not around ~chuckles~. We still kill! The same stories you see in the Bible, Tora or Koran are still happening today just as strong, if not stronger than they were back in the day ~smiles~. Tis a good pipe dream, but I am sure we would find a reason to fight over where said people would live ~grins~, especially if it was a good marketing or reality market ~grins~. It is the dictate of nature that we kill,
  12. Woody Allen back in the early 90's or late 80's...I'm sure some weren't even born then ~chuckles~.
  13. Heehee just joking with you RevRainbow...you one of the nicest guys on the site ~smiles~.