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  2. Ran across this book tonight which may paritally explain some views of those who do not agree with fundamentalism and the emphasis of the bible or any other book in organized religion. You can click on the link which takes you to a pdf file of the book and save it to your desktop and read at your leisure..... if you choose to. http://drboylan.com/starkidspdf.pdf
  3. I found the books fascinating and have read all in the series.... I think there are 10 of them (only 3 CWG). It is the same information I gained from other sources such as A Course in Miracles, The Lost Teachings of Atlantis, and studying the ancient religions. Once you get past the garbage of what has been added to most of the books of the major religions you come up with the same conclusions.
  4. Methinks somewhere in this book called bible there is an admonition to go into a closet if you wish to pray.
  5. Perhaps you will see this. But in all probability there will be a physical separateness but a spiritual oneness. When all realize that survival may depend on this oneness, cooperation and working together and really care about one another ... then there will be little need for government as we know it. Each will desire that the other has everything that the one may want, simply because we are all one. Those who want to be above others and exercise control will be rejected. What I refer to as the Law of Love will be in effect. You might research the concepts of a pole shift and/or dimensional shift that it is said we are moving towards and what it means to mankind. The changes have supposedly begun and will be complete before the year 2012. You WILL be with those like yourself. Mankind is said to be divided into two orientations, although some are still on the fence, which are "service to self" and service to other." Which will you choose? It might be said that the human species will be separated by their group oneness. Service to self is basically wanting to be better/different than the others, to be above them. This precludes cooperative effort. Service to others is wanting all to rise to their highest desires and capabilities and all working to achieve this. This in no way restricts individuality and differences.... but all based on the Law of Love. Each one must make a choice based on their own desires.... a recognition of oneness or a desire for separateness and being above what you perceive others to be. Will this shift(s) happen? There is evidence, both physical and metaphysical, that it will. There is also much argument that it will not. We can only wait and see. You might perceive this as a separation of the "dark side" and the "light side," each going their own way. We must all choose. "A pipe dream??" As I said before, perhaps you underestimate the creator force and our individual choices.
  6. I think perhaps the Code of the Sith is more into separateness, rather than the oneness of Creation.
  7. Rev Rainbow.... very interesting sory on the fabric of time. Perhaps you simply realize that all is not is as it seems to be. Reality may be much more than you ever have imagined. I believe so.... but who am I to think such?
  8. Currently reading “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len, PhD – the Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More… A discussion of the Ho’oponopono system. Whereas the Hawaiian system of Huna has an interpersonal focus, Ho’oponopono has an intrapersonal focus. All that is in our life we create and Dr. Hew Len discusses how changes come about through “cleansing.” "Ho’oponopono is a profound gift that allows one to develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed, or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past." Dr. Hew Len has been called the world’s most unusual therapist… a psychologist who helped heal an entire ward of mentally ill criminals – without ever seeing any of them professionally. Very interesting and thought provoking read.
  9. Check here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocalypse
  10. Shades of the upcoming pole shift! Very interesting indeed.
  11. Meaning of The word "Theosophy" "Theosophy" comes from the Greek "Theos" and "sophia" meaning literally "Divine Knowledge". It is a body of knowledge - accumulated since time immemorial - that answers the great questions of life - Who am I, Where am I going, What am I doing here, What is the nature of the soul, What is the origin of the universe and What can be said about the nature of divinity. The term theosophy (in its Greek and other forms) had been used about 100 or so times over two millennia in western civilization before Madame Blavatsky. The term came to be the most appropriate word to describe her teachings and so, with a capital "T", Theosophy came to be the name given to that which she taught in the 19th century. Some have, quite understandably, extended the meaning of the word to cover that entire body of knowledge known to Blavatsky's teachers - a portion of which was imparted to her. Some academics have taken to using the word to mean "comparative religion", now that the word has become well known - but this certainly dilutes the specific meaning it acquired during the time of Blavatsky. And regrettably, some writers in the 20th century have based themselves on her writings but subtly altered the teachings and then continued to call their writings Theosophy - misleading any number of students in the process. Checklist of Some Principles of Theosophy ANCIENT WISDOM knew - and continues to know - deep and vast knowledge about ourselves, our purpose in life, nature, the universe, the highest god-like principles, and man's long pre-history on this earth. Theosophy is the portion of that ancient knowledge brought to us by H. P. Blavatsky toward the end of the 19th century, as taught to her by her Teachers in Tibet. Some of its principles are: · Everything in the universe originates from one boundless, eternal, unknowable source. After a period of manifested existence the universe returns to that source. · The universe itself is an organic whole, alive, intelligent, conscious, and divine. · The laws of nature are the result of intelligent forces. · The law of karma holds throughout the universe. It operates at all levels, ensuring justice, harmony, and balance. · We reincarnate into successive lives. Once we have reached the human level we do not regress back into animal forms. · The law of karma acts over our successive lives to ensure justice. (We don't get away with it.) We are the cause of every joy and pain in our own life. · A law of cycles provides fundamental structure at all levels. Two examples are our pattern of reincarnation, and the continuing "lives" of the universe as it appears, then returns to its source. · Analogy and correspondence provide fundamental structure for the universe. This is a broad statement of the Hermetic axiom - "As above, so below". · Evolution applies on a grand scale to all of life. · Soul gets involved in this world of matter. It experiences and learns. Soul then works its way back in a long pilgrimage to its primal source. This again follows a cyclic pattern. · This evolution achieves experience, self-awareness, and ever increasing perfection. Evolution occurs on the physical, mental, and spiritual planes. · "Survival of the fittest" along with gradual accumulation of small beneficial changes does not explain the "origin of the species". The origin of the species is due to intelligent design. · Humanity has experienced significant evolution in long periods on the continents (not islands) of Atlantis and Lemuria. · There is a seven fold constitution of man ranging from the physical plane to the purely spiritual plane. · Thoughts are tangible objects on higher planes. Every thought and action has its effect on us and on our surroundings and has a karmic consequence. · The three higher planes of this constitution form the "higher self" and that is what reincarnates from life to life and accumulates the experience, the lessons, the virtues. The lower planes form the "lower self" and are the vehicle used by the higher self while it is living in this active testing ground of incarnate life. · At the moment of death we have a review of our life just past - as we cast off this physical frame. After a short period, that varies greatly between individuals, we cast off other lower aspects of our constitution and the reincarnating self begins a long period of merciful, earned, rest before the next birth. · Often during this life, our spiritual nature is obscured in our self-centered daily lives as we cater to our immediate needs and desires. But the spiritual self is always there to guide us if we seek it with strong earnest desire. · We can strive to reach our higher self by: o Listening to our still small voice of conscience. o Noting the dreams from the higher self. o Developing our intuition. o Meditating. o Studying principles of the Wisdom Religion. o Aligning ourselves with Nature. o Engaging in action for the greater good. o Carefully reading the events of our daily life. · Brotherhood is a fact in nature. We are ONE at the highest spiritual component of our nature. We are sparks from one flame. We are the fingers on one hand. We are ONE at other levels as well. · We should: o Understand we are not separate from humanity or the world. o Emphasize brotherhood, altruism, and compassion in our daily lives. o Strive to know our higher self. o As a guiding rule - act for and as the Self of All. · The religions of the world are branches on the tree whose trunk is the one ancient - once universal - wisdom religion. The religions are the tributaries of one great river. (But they borrow from each other to make the actual details much more complex.) · Mythology often transmits some of this knowledge in symbolic form. · Periodically, great teachers come amongst us to help us in this evolutionary path. They may create another branch on the tree. · Humanity's potential is infinite and every being has a contribution to make toward a grander world. We are all in it together. We are one.