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  1. DOES this ulc still work?, I haven't had anything forwarded for weeks.. THANKS REVPO/PMO-at-ULCMAIL.NET
  2. Interesting topic. The RC Church is against anything that they think goes against their Supreme Laws, that is why they use the words excommunicate. Who is going to do this?, certainly sure the Pope won't and the lower priest crowd cannot, no authority, etc. I wouldn't worry about it, do what you believe in. That is the problems with any religion, if one moves out from the clan to do something else in a religion they are against it, one should not open their minds to another groups belief. Religions cause grief, wars, and pressures into any family. You did what YOU wanted to do, and that is what it is about....FREEDOM of choice. REVPO
  3. Just remember. Those who work and pay taxes are PAYING for those handouts... REVPO
  4. Interesting , PAULIST PRIEST, never heard of them, but always looking for new information. Thanks for the information. REVPO
  5. They have a varietyof courses from the seminary and seem to offer more every year, they seem to be well written. REVPO
  6. I would say the courses should be updated as not to cause confusion, but as other things, it takes time. REVPO
  7. Your ordained in INDIANA. Just make sure the couple has the license, do your ceremony, and have them sign the license....**** bride signs with her maiden name***, they fill out the history above their signing..after the ceremony, you fill out the rest..take your time...sign it..I always put down rev etc..clerks like that...and mail in the portion they want..make a xerox copy of the form that you filled out. I live in Indiana. and have many weddings done over 100 plus.. REVPO
  8. Ordained since 1999, over 200 weddings, now retired. Elected chaplain..DAV post.... back into the public.. REVPO
  9. Interesting, I didn't know the dates change yearly. REVPO
  10. IF your positive in reference to the law, initiate a letter to the state attorney general, with what is going on, and copy to the clerk's office.. REVPO
  11. THANKS APPRECIATE IT...and boy does the time fly.. REVPO