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Harry Nilsson doesn't really qualify as a one hit wonder - he also did Everybody's Talkin', which was used as the theme to Midnight Cowboy, in addition to being a hit on its own.

He's also an excellent songwriter. On the same album as "Coconut" is the song "Without You," (can't live... if living is without you) which has been recorded by at least a dozen artists, and has been a hit twice.

There are plenty of great songwriters around. Maybe you just aren't listening to enough new stuff - you have to separate the wheat from the chaff - it's always been that way.

He played at Pat 'N' Nick's, a bar by my house, about a month ago. It's kind of sad to see a musician of that caliber playing bars, but he did a great show. Speaking of great songwriting - Leon's "This Masquerade" is one of the finest songs ever written, IMHO.

Another one from that album: "Jump into the Fire"...oh, and "Early in the morning"...for the longest time i though i bought a defective album from that song lol:..."aint got nothin' aint got nothin' aint got nothin' aint got nothin'... but the blues".

Leon Russel: "Beware of Darkness", "She smiles just like a river", "Tightrope"

The Fish Cheer--Country Joe and the Fish

Gimme an F...!

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The Macarana... no clue who did it and would prefer to keep it that way.
Los del Rio was the original...

then there's this:

Are you being contrary on purpose or did you miss the part where Sky said she would prefer not to know?
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I thought she was joking... :(

you mean she REALLY DIDN'T want to hear it again? :(

Oh, I have no idea. I was just teasing.

She was all "I don't want to hear this!" and you were like "Ha! Hear it anyway!" which made me laugh...a lot.

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