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  1. Enchanted, I agree. It is usually easy enough to tell if someone is a real friend or not. I think I have let my situation drag on for far too long. It seems the individual in my situation only comes around when she needs something. Stupid me has always given in to her requests. Not anymore! She needs to realize friendship is a two way street.
  2. Thanks everyone! I have been pondering giving up on this person for awhile now. Your responses have made it easier. Reverend V, it sounds like you need to consider dropping your dead weight as well. His actions appear very selfish and he obviously is notcommitted. I'm thinking he may have had a less than sincere motive to begin with.
  3. For much of my life I had a best friend. Over the last year though we have grown distant. I have tried to maintain our bond but it seems the other person cares less than I do to do so. This person claims we are still friends but does very little to support that claim. Lately it seems she is just too busy for me. We will make plans and she continuously stands me up. Much of the time she doesn't even call me to let me know shes not coming. I discussed this with her the other day and she got angry with me. Are her actions that of a real friend? I dont think so, but I may be overreacting.
  4. The bible obviously, but I guess that is not specific enough. I would say probably the Song of Solomon. It is such a beautiful book.
  5. I use to go on that site quite a bit. I stopped though because I did not like the way they were running it. The senior members would flag answers that differed from their beliefs and questions they thought were even slightly controversial. The administrators would then block or delete questions and edit or delete answers. You had to walk the line or your account would get suspended. When I had one of my answers edited thats when I knew I was done.
  6. Hello Lordie! I think the Mary Magdalene references Rev V made in his post could be very inspirational for you. Your profile states you are a Catholic right? Well, isn't Mary Magdalene a Catholic saint. Doesn't she receive great honor in your faith? Stay strong! God does not discriminate due to gender.
  7. Welcome to the ULC forum. It is our sincerest wish you find topics and information useful to your personal search for Spiritual Truth, on whichever path that may be. We hope your time spent with us becomes a true investment in your Self. If you have any question at all, please, just ask! Any of the Moderators or Admins will happy to help. Blessings of Peace, Al