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  1. I've got warm weather and good friends

  2. I'm going to jump in here real quick because you mentioned something like... It is an interesting consideration that the more advance one becomes on their path(s) the less one is expected to rely on thaumaturgy or low "manifestational magicks"; and instead to concentrate on the higher theurgical concepts that their paths profess. So absolutely are we expected to divest ourselves of the material desires to change the way that everything is, and instead to manifest those things as what they are, in their own place, appreciating them for everything that they confer upon us. What I wonder, howev
  3. Stong prayers for health, hope, and for recovery. Peace and Love, Br.Sean
  4. not eat at all, as that is quite common around these parts. Well, that and...
  5. Things continue, life rolls on. He's significantly more conscious now. At least enough that they've removed the tracheostomy. He's still a mess, and I'm thousands of miles away, I feel horrible. Although he's the older brother, I feel like I should be there, you know, to help. Somehow.
  6. Because... -I tend to ask questions that cause people, who are unaccustomed to thinking, into possibly considering the validity of belief systems that are in stark contrast to their accepted beliefs -narrow-minded people sometimes require the validation that ordination carries with it -Laws and legal recognition -I am free to define, refine and form my own system of beliefs; therefore, who better than me to preach my own word
  7. I like the idea of shades and nuance... But were it a spectral color I'd say Black. Because of the absence of influence. Truth is or it is not, there is no in between. What is true to me may not be to you and so it negates the idea of shades of reality. Just because we do not see the truth doesn't make it any less real.
  8. I've heard it said that you're only as old as you feel. Somedays I feel ancient, but maybe that's just stress. As for 'wise', that's much more difficult to define. There's an adage that says that the truly wise are those that know their ignorance; I personally am for that position. Likely not, I should think. Although, my four-year-old niece is about as wise as a person as I know.
  9. Praise be! Great improvements today, as he is being brought out of his artificial coma. His brain swelling is present but going down and is actually only slightly above normal...there's even talk about finally transporting him to a more adequate facility!
  10. Both my brother and a friend were in the back of the pickup, the friend ended up with a few scratches and some bruising but all in all is fine. My brother was far less lucky. The doctors say that his skull was fractured beyond belief, from ear to ear, and his brain has been swelling. They can't do surgery because it would do more damage than good at this point and he's in a rural small town hospital where they wouldn't be able to do it anyway. The driver of the pickup, one of my brothers best friends, was picked up nine hours later by the police and is being charged with DUI and vehicular assa
  11. My brother was thrown out of the back of a pickup truck the other day and landed on his head. The driver was drunk and scared, so he fled the scene. My brother is in the hospital in ICU. He is comatose and may never fully recover. The doctors say there is so much swelling and damage to his skull that he can't be transported anywhere. Like to a specializing facility. It has been said that if he recovers he may be a completely different person, he may have the brain power of a three-year-old...or he may not wake up at all. I ask for prayers for him. For his Wife and Children. For the Whole fa
  12. Just wanted to say thanks for the Happy Birthday....I didn't know you all did that. It's very nice. Aug24