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    Psychotherapy, NLP & Hypnotherapy, Counseling, Co-Counseling, Personal growth & Learning.
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    Agnostic, something or other. Not interested in the bible or anyone's so called holy books.

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  1. Hey Pete!   I guess this forum is still alive. (I think it could use a transfusion !) I was just casting about for an alternative to Face Book (I am a bit weary of all the politics there, and especially weary of the lack of civility).


    1. Pete


      Hi Sam, I understand. I am lucky with the forum on because I am a moderator and the admin don't stand nonsense. I have always been a political animal.. However I have left some forums because of some of the posters. Others I just said I don't agree and walked away from them. There is no point with arguing with stubborn political views. I don't know if twitter is any better. Have you been there?