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  1. You know, I always thought declaring I was a god or stating I was a Vampire might be offensive to certain religious groups, but apparently just my being gay presses more people's hot buttons .
  2. I seem to be awfully good at damning but not so good at darning. Being Southern, I am quite proficient at danging when the need arises. When I have a hole in my pocket, I just don't wear pants. Oddly enough, this seems to inspire others to quickly find garments to hide my nakedness . (If I weren't a god, it would probably affect my self esteem )
  3. Unfortunately, I am not aware of any easy answers. Some people seem to enjoy arguing just for the sake of arguing. Some people seem to be looking for reasons to feel insulted. Some people's belief systems require that they be unaccepting of other belief systems. Some people take things too seriously. Others don't take things seriously enough. We all, myself included, have our biases. Quoting the great philosopher Dave Gahan, "People are people so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully." I know these statements don't really contribute anything towards a solution, but my was burning a hole in my pocket.
  4. I am a(n): god immortal (in the spiritual sense; my physical body can certainly die) eternal being (having always existed and will always exist) Vampire psychic/medium/intuitive Reiki shinpiden (master, teacher) occultist Cancer sun sign (Gemini rising, Leo moon sign) goth (the subculture, not the historical Germanic tribe) male homosexual polyamorous lover (meaning having more than one sexual partner) friend cynic (expecting and preparing for the worst but being pleasantly surprised if it turns out otherwise) observer (more so than participant) genius (or at least a child genius at one point) Caucasian; primarily mixed British Isles ancestry, some Scandanavian, German, French, and tiny amounts (approx. 1%) of Native American and sub-Saharan African native Floridian Southern (both sides of the family were originally from Georgia) college grad (B.A., Psychology) mental health and substance abuse counselor Democrat (but will vote across party lines) Middle class (technically, but unable to financially enjoy a Middle class lifestyle) apartment dweller used car driver fast food connoisseur Coca-cola drinker ex-Fundamentalist Christian (Pentecostal, Baptist) ex-Wiccan ex-Druid ex-Satanist ex-Rosicrucian lord of all I survey (about 3 feet around me; things beyond that are not guaranteed to be under my control. Mileage may vary.) supreme being within my own inner world
  5. Jonathan H. B. Lobl, on 21 Jul 2015 said: Maybe it's because "God" is an American, at least according to David Bowie : I know I'm a god, and I also happen to be an American. Things that make you go hmmmmmm... (I obviously mean this in jest. I believe that their a mulitplicity of beings who could be called gods, and not all of them are Americans .)
  6. I wonder which would get me beheaded sooner, being a Vampire or being a homosexual? (Although killing my physical body wouldn't do them much good in preventing my eventual resurgence in spiritual form.) As for "God" holding me accountable, I am unconcerned. I am a god in my own right and am unafraid of the wrath of other deities. I prefer the Underworld to Heaven in any case . The music and the food are much better, and we still have sex . BTW, what is referred to as rebellion is what I consider freedom. I do not acknowledge the authority of another deity to supersede my own. I apologize for the seeming arrogance, but I am after all a Vampire
  7. So how will you be honoring Thor (Thor's day) ? By drinking out of a sawed-off cow horn or watching a dvd of The Avengers? In any case have a great Thursday with or without it being a holiday.
  8. At sunset tomorrow (April 30th) will begin the Celtic festival of Beltane. Unfortunately I have to work, but being a Celtic Pagan and a Vampire I hope to find 20 minutes here or there to fly once across the waxing gibbous moon . Anyway, I hope everbody has a merry Beltane, Walpurgisnacht, May Eve or whatever other name one might choose to call it !
  9. Nothing is fair, so we might as well get used to it
  10. Myself and many other Vampires are celebrating the Soltice as the Great Night (the longest night of the year). Whatever your particular path, I hope you all enjoy the Soltice too.
  11. Hi Quetzal, Flying about in the astral without a vehicle tends to mess up my hair (gets that "cosmic wind"-blown look), so I do occasionally take the spectral coach out for a ride. But like Dracula himself, I will always come back. Sometimes on my own, sometimes as a son or grandson who may seem to look just like me, maybe teamed up with a werewolf, or maybe with Abbott and Costello. (Actually, I was considering changing my profile pic but decided I preffered my old one. )
  12. Umbraedeus just wishes to say, "Happy Fangsgiving Everybloody!" I hope you all are taking a "bite" out of the upcoming holiday season .
  13. I wish they were going away, but I fear it's like the old Monty Python sketch, "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Just when we think we're safe, they will rear their ugly head and burst into our homes. Oh well, maybe in four or five centuries .
  14. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Even though Vampires were not originally tied to Halloween, they have become one of the most prominent Halloween icons, rivaling even the Witch as a Halloween symbol. I celebrate Halloween as a Vampire in its context of being a night to honor the dead. I have to work the graveyard shift at the county mental hospital on Halloween night, but on my days off before Halloween I will be driving through cemeteries with the windows down, eating junkfood, and watching horror movies .
  15. No, my sleep number is a 665 . Missed it by that much!
  16. Shhhhhhh! Fawzo, you keep giving away my secrets . Are you sure you aren't a Van Helsing or maybe a Grimm? I had to pay Sylvia Browne thousands of dollars to psychically project my image onto film, and now it as all wasted . No, I am a "living" psychic Vampire and still occupy a human body. When I eventually die and become a "dead" (or perhaps "undead") psychic Vampire, I am sure it will be a lot harder to snap my picture .
  17. It's mine too. My favorite version is by Vikki Carr from a "Various Artists" Christmas compilation. Other favorites are "Pat-a-pan" (older version by Julie Andrews and a newer version by David Archuleta) and "Riu Chiu" sung by the Monkees. I am not a Christian, but I still like Christmas music. I do celebrate the winter solstice as the "Great Night", the longest night of the year. A perfect time for Vampires .