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  1. This is my pentacle I made. Bought the pendant online (thanks roommate ) its got slipknot adjustment and simple knots but I love it! Edit: Oops missing link brb
  2. I figured as much.. just kind of a curious is all.. I by no means would want anyone to think I'm trying to take advantage of the privilege.. I had just thought abt that cuz I was just like that's kinda an iffy one IMO... I was hoping we would have more of a debate but it just didn't.. oh well lol
  3. I do need glasses but I could care less if I'm hard on reading.. but what about for reading and helping others in my church? Is it legal to get exempt on those?
  4. Ik its a bit of a ways out but what are u all doin for samhain/holloween/whatever name you go by? I personally am going to do the weirdest thing. I'm gunna go drinking and trick or treat as the character I play in order and chaos. Haha pretty nerdy for a 21 year old but it'll be a good time haha.
  5. Well I'm doing it for several reasons... I want to start up an open circle.. I also do healing and its like a certification that people request so I could do professionally on the side. Of course you don't need to be ordained to do anything (in my belief) but it gives people a thought that I take this seriously and have done it for long enough to know what I'm doing.
  6. Welcome to the Forum. We're glad to see you and hope to hear more from you in the future. Blessings of Peace,