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  1. Okay, so I've finally figured out how to make a rosary. However, I've been looking everywhere online and cannot find a center piece of St. Charity. Everything is of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Patrick, St. Paul, Saint everybody but St. Charity. Do any of you know of a good jewelry seller that sells a rosary center piece for St. Charity?
  2. Myself, I don't believe to be a medium. I think the closest thing I ever get to anything related to that is with my Tarot cards. However, I never took the time to meditate to reach my higher beings(though that sounds like a good idea now that you guys talk about it) because it's hard for me to focus. I think mediums are great and all. It's just those who like to milk a lot of money out of giving you misinformation about your life that I don't appreciate. I think their services should be either free or at a very low cost but that's my opinion. I don't understand the business aspect of it. And that's sad, when it does come a "business" rather than a "service". The only other experience I had was.. Whenever I hear a Nickelback song on the radio I always shout out, "Hi Mom!", hoping she can hear me from the other side. One time I could hear her yell back my name. So, that was nice. (:
  3. Thanks for the move, RR. So do you think what I'm feeling is righteous anger or is it something else entirely?
  4. I just got off the phone with an old church friend of mine. I'm not sure if I'm feeling righteous anger or if I'm just as she says I am and that I'm just irritated about it. She's a Messianic woman and she firmly believes that anyone who does not believe in the Bible or in Jesus or in God is morally bankrupt/decayed. She even referred me to this website by Ron Wyatt(who made some cool discoveries). She even told me that there is only one God and if you believe in a God different than the Jewish/Christian God that your god is dead because they died with Buddha/Mohammed/Lao-Tzu. Okay, I love her and all but I got an earful yesterday from another friend of mine who is new Christian is very hyperactive about what she believes in. She knows what I believe in and I wouldn't put it past her that within a week or so she's going to call me a devil-worshipper and is going to try to "show" me(because in her words "telling" simply isn't enough, it's by example..when really she's just telling anyway lol) that Jesus is only answer and that everything else is Satan. I have no problems with Christians. It's just I feel some kind of anger for the fact that there is no respect for other beliefs in these particular people's minds. I'm simply writing this because I felt like I needed to vent some. You don't have to reply, just listen. I wish more people were accepting and loving as we are here at the ULC. We're all children from the same Universal Source, right? Yeah, I'm getting a headache from absorbing all that energy. I think I'm gonna eat something sweet for now..
  5. Not one of my best ones. I think I sing too nasally. I wonder how I could change that? What du yew gaiz think? The song is Benny Mardones' "Into The Night". I'm pretty loud at the end. Press the down on your volume button if it's too loud. D:
  6. I read an article regarding this a while back.
  7. Okay, I just read the 750 ILCS 5/Pt. II Laws on Marriage for the state of Illinois and was wondering.. I understand we'll be able to get a marriage certificate for couples but do we also get the license or does the couple go to the County Clerk and take care of that? Or do we fill out both the certificate and license at the wedding or..? Also.. When forwarding the certificate(and license?) to the County Clerk does it have to be the original copy, or a separate copy filled out, or is it a photocopy?
  8. Okay, for those who don't have a membership at DeviantArt: And as far as the story goes.. It's a fanfiction. A little novel that I'm writing that I don't ever intend on getting published(because most of it is copyrighted to Hiromu Arakawa, anyway). It's a romance story that I came up with. It has some sexual references but if you're up to it, here it is:
  9. Okay, I'm gonna give a fair warning.. There is near nudity in this picture, so it may be idealogically sensitive to some. However, it isn't completely inappropriate. I posted this on DeviantArt and hope to get some feedback on it.
  10. Actually, I bought a book on Beginner's Reiki that I have neglected. I've read a few chapters into it and then stuck it on my shelf. It would be good to delve into that again. I don't know if I'd have the money to go to a Master and train.. There are other methods for that, right?
  11. Wow, dawd. I am so sorry. This was a very unexpected event, if I do say so myself! You're in my prayers, as you've always been in my thoughts.
  12. That's kind of funny. I never thought of using it for meddling. Even so, I probably wouldn't. There would probably be too much backlash doing something like that. lol I'm too lazy to take responsibility for it. I've been reading this book by Rose Rosetree entitled "Empowered by Empathy: 25 Ways to Fly in the Spirit". It's a New Age Christian based book and it's really interesting.. The only things I haven't really mastered yet are meditating and turning off the empathy at will. It's hard for me to meditate, seeing as my mind buzzes fifty to a hundred miles an hour. I'm easily distracted with a short attention span. I'm thinking if I worked on it a little bit each day that it would get easier to do. That's with everything, though, right? I looked through Barnes & Noble's New Age section and couldn't find a single book on empathy, even with help. Later on, I looked it up on the internet and Miss Rosetree was the only person who wrote on the subject. Ordered the book through Barnes & Noble and now I have it. :3 (:
  13. This might seem really out of ordinary and a few of you might be able to explain it with scientific terms. Some might even embrace a spiritual side to this. I've noticed something really weird.. And this has been happening moreso as of late than usual. When I'm texting my friends, whom I feel a really deep connection to.. I always pick up my phone or look at it and when I do this a text pops up. This is not me having memorized the timing of the texts. Sometimes I wait more than five or ten minutes, pick up the phone and get a text. Also, what's kind of funny... I can smell or feel things my friend is while we're texting. One time, I was in the waiting room of a doctor's office, texting my friend. You know, the ultra clean smell of a sanitary place? All of a sudden, I could smell dirty kitty litter. I told my friend over text about it and she said she was near a litter box. This happens more than I'd like to admit. I'm also starting to read people a lot better than what I'd had. It's like I'm more aware than what I used to be. I can feel when they're uneasy or upset, even if they try to hide it or deny it altogether. It makes me kind of sick to feel these things. It's kind of fun, on the other side of the coin, because when I'm on the bus and I don't have my nose in a book or music in my ears, I watch other people and have a little adventure, trying to scope out the things they're feeling and what they are up to in this stage of life. I can do this without hearing them talk or anything. I think it's because I'm a little more aware of what my gifts are. What they're about, how to work them, how to turn them off(which is a little harder than I thought it would be).
  14. I usually don't have problems with this.. But with my brother finally coming home from Chicago for the first time in ten years.. It's been a really difficult time dealing with him. He's been homeless here several times, he's lived with us, his family, several times.. And it seems he takes it for granted. He's lied to us and stolen from us more than a handful of times. It's gotten to the point where I feel very tense and don't want to have anything to do with him. When I hear of him I get angry. When I think about him, I get angry. When my mother speaks of him, I get angry. Right now, my prayer is not only for the seeds we planted in him to be cultivated.. But mostly for my own angst. It's really hard to be around him let alone think about him. All he ever does is upset me and I'm looking for some peace so I won't be so emotionally invested and I'll be able to look at him objectively. Thanks.
  15. You're not leaving us, are you, Al? I don't understand most of the situation but I do give my heart for you in prayer. I'm glad you've made it through all of this; and I'm happy that you've recovered. My mother is currently recovering, herself, so I can relate to that bit. And yes, everything is as it should be, regardless of the chaos and noise going on on the outside of us.
  16. Why do I have to wait my turn? There's a freaking line? D: lol
  17. I haven't celebrated the Feast of Trumpets or Tabernacles before.. Not going to start either. lol We have Samhain this month anyway. Blessings!
  18. This video and song always makes me so sad. Not because of what happens at the end of the video but because of how unlikely it is to have a "true love" such as this for people my age. All people want to do any more is waste up all their money and sex and then leave when they're bored.
  19. I had Dannon's Oikos yogurt today and thought of yew. :3