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  1. Whew! Just got back home from our Passover celebration. So much fun! Was going to not take out the leaven from the house this year but I zipped all around to get it out of the house. D: That took a lot out of me, considering I did it all before bed. LOL
  2. Wow, Nesty. You did all that? The greatest thing I've accomplished in the last year was figuring out that I had a back yard. O_o;

  3. Do you care if he's ten pounds heavier now? D: Edit: He sure liked dem McDonald's. :3
  4. I'm only here because someone mentioned koolaid in one of their posts. For the rest of my journey I was enticed by the shinies and decided to follow. But really, if it weren't for the black, fuzzy duck in my closet I don't think I would have ever stumbled upon this site. D:
  5. Well, being somewhat conservative.. I try to wear clothes as modestly as possible. What I usually wear are head coverings(bandannas or handkerchiefs I can clip to my hair) a really modest dress shirt.. A skirt, an under-skirt(that I use as a slip because I dun like the silky ones), some capris slacks/leggings and trouser socks or knee-highs under that. My shoes are usually dressy but comfortable.. I'm hoping to buy some mary-jane shoes that the nuns wear.. Those would be cute. (: But yeah, that's my usual attire. I next to never wear pants anymore. The other day I wore a pair of jeans and felt funny because I hadn't worn them in.. months? I can't remember the last pair of pants like that I put on. Hmm..