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  1. It appears be fixed now. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention.
  2. Interesting. I can't get into it either. I'll bring it to the attention of some smart folks. =)
  3. I teach my kids to live life well, be nice to other folks, and be happy. If they get those things right, the rest will fall into place. Of course, as an atheist that fits my (lack of) "religious" views perfectly. I think that what you want to teach them will always be overshadowed by what they learn from watching what you do. If you live your religion well they will pick up on it without any extra effort from you. If you don't really follow your religion and just attempt to make your kids follow it, it won't work.
  4. What's wrong with individuals? All these labels, I don't know about you but none of them really fit me well
  5. Tolerance of unacceptable behavior is a bad idea.
  6. Crap... Now I don't know what I would spend the money on.
  7. Ahhh. I would defer to you then. I have never had a previous owner visit my dogs but I have had 1 that freaked out when we returned to the shelter. About 20 feet from the door she went from happy and walking with me to fighting me for every step. So, all I know is they remember stuff many months later. =)
  8. I would recommend you not visit. I have heard it said that dogs have a long smell memory but the info is not in their conscious memory unless it is cued. They are able to adapt to a new home and new master because without smell or sight they forget about their old owner (consciously) but catching smell of them will bring the memory into their consciousness. Not sure how true it is but all of my dogs have been rescues and each one adapts to their new home very well within just a few days.
  9. He is in my area, so I shared it on my facebook page. I have 3 dogs already, can't handle any more.
  10. How about if they did a quick, but legal (maybe in the courthouse), marriage stateside and then you could do a ceremony for them in France without worrying about the legalities?
  11. I really hope they catch the at fault driver, but I don't think the chances for it are good.
  12. Why not be mad at them? They are adults and living in your home. What are they bringing to this relationship?
  13. The ordination serves no real purpose to me, I just thought it was amusing to be an ordained atheist. =)
  14. So, you want your employer to keep paying you but you dont want to do what they need you to do? Why not just tell them that you cant do this and go out and find a new job? Also, have you considered that the "thousands" (its actually a couple of hundred) of kids dying each year in this country from vaccine complications is a very tiny number compared to the millions who die worldwide each year from diseases that we prevent by vaccine? Do some kids die because of vaccine related problems? Yep, and that is horrible but the alternative is so much worse.
  15. Too many think of those as soooooo much more than fiction. Ever see a documentary called "Jesus Camp"?
  16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Road This is a great book, but Im not sure the full effect of it can be felt unless you have kids of your own. Its still a great book, I just felt I was drawn in to the plot more because I have kids of my own.
  17. Yes!! Happy Birthday Ed. Thanks for all you do. =)
  18. Band of Brothers, The Wire, Deadwood, Oz, In Treatment the have all been so great (except for John from Cincinnati - what a horrible show and it was from the creators of Deadwood) I never got into Rome, maybe I should watch a few episodes though because a lot of folks seem to like it.
  19. I agree, its an incredible show. I have watched all of them, the only part I dont like is that there are only going to be 7 of them. Although, I dont expect anything less than an incredible show from an HBO original series anymore. There have been a few that disappointed me, but for the most part all of their shows are great.
  20. Havent you been paying attention? There is no way we will survive long enough for that to happen.
  21. I censor. My kids are still fairly small though so its not too difficult yet (8 and 5). I treat it the same as movies, TV, etc... I censor what I think is inappropriate and offer appropriate alternatives in its place.