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  1. That is very likely true. Even better the next day when its cold. mmmm
  2. You know, he was in that really **ty movie about a sewer a few years ago. =)
  3. I look a lot like V. Well, I do when I have a guy fawkes mask on.
  4. But who are the beattles? yea, Im a whippersnapper =)
  5. Yes, no restrictions Yes, no restrictions Yes I may disagree with someones choices, but Im sure there are those who disagree with my choices in life too. I dont see why I should be able to force my views onto someone else unless I then consent to having others views forced onto me.
  6. Thank you Connie. =) All birthdays are good, arent they?

  7. I just got out of the theatre from watching this and I was disappointed. I was hoping they would make it more historically accurate but it felt like LOTR mixed with Gladiator. I enjoyed the History Channels 2 hour special about the incident more than I enjoyed the movie. Edit: Im not saying it was a bad movie and I would never discourage someone from seeing it but dont go to see it hoping to see a historical movie because they fight more monsters than they do humans and the fight scenes are entertaining but not accurate.
  8. I agree with you Coach. Some religious people never miss an opportunity to talk bad about science or atheists and some atheists never miss an opportunity to talk bad about religion. I dislike both groups.
  9. Someone on wikipedia talking about a words "common usage" is not an argument. Tell me dave, short of a time machine how exactly is evolution a proven fact? Its a theory, a best guess based on the evidence that is generally accepted as true but is certainly not above reproach.
  10. No, if it was a fact then it would be the "law of evolution" you are confused.
  11. Even as an atheist I do not believe that the theory of evolution is a scientific fact, its just a best guess.
  12. Matrix and star wars sequels were bad, but not that bad. I did agree with many on that list so it makes me wonder if my views on these 2 movies are wrong. Oh well, I own both and I watch them too. =)
  13. He may well choose to honor it, but I do not think he is required to in Kentucky. The contract you had was with the previous owner, since you werent even informed of the sale Im sure he didnt see it as important to get a concession from the buyer to hold him to your contract. Chances are he bought the property as an investment rental property so he is not likely to evict you, he can change the rent though. I would ask him what he intends to do, dont stress yourself about it until you know whether you should even be stressed at all. =)
  14. Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series. Its got something like 7-8 books to it now, started as a trilogy, and I really like it. Also, not necessarily in the same genre but has anyone read the Piers Anthony series "Incarnations of Immortality"?
  15. Dave, you are out of line to accuse me of faking anything. Please quit making rude posts. Thank you for considering this request. Cheryl <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He isn't accusing you of anything you haven't admitted to already. Your objectiosn to this union are not religious in nature, that is simply the only route they are offering you out so you latched onto it. If they had said you must join the union unless you are a registered republican I do not doubt for a second that you would be down at the county clerks office to change your political afiliation that same day. My advice would be to find a new job. You dont want to do what your current employer wants you do to, so find a new employer.
  16. do you mean the lion, the witch and the wardrobe?