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  1. I just wanted to say that I have a lot of respect for you and your ability to hold your own here sometimes when it seems so many jump against you.  I would have thought there'd be more Christians here from what I've read of the older posts, but seems they wander away.  I may not believe the way you do, but you are about the only Christian here who posts and I learn a lot of the Bible beliefs from you.  :)


    1. Pastor Dave

      Pastor Dave

      Dianna, I agree. Dan is probably the most active Christian here. I have commended him before for his willingness to stick in there and give a Christian view when he is usually outnumbered. I used to enjoy the debating when I first joined but it seems that the same arguments are simply rehashed with different people year after year. While Dan and I may not agree on every jot and tittle of doctrine, I believe we agree on the fundamentals. One of the things I find so refreshing about Dan's style is that even if I don't agree with him on a specific stance he has taken, he is able to give scripture showing how he came to that point of view.

      Props to Dan.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

    2. Dan56


      Thank you both.. There does seem to be relentless opposition to what I believe and think, but most of the conflicting views come from the majority (nonbelievers) who seem to despise the bible. So I don't take anything personal, the arguments are usually against scripture, and a few get extremely frustrated with my acceptance of what they consider a ruthless OT God. Others who believe nothing, just enjoy challenging the authenticity of the bible.. I don't mind, its keeps me sharp, and I think down deep, everyone is just looking for answers. We were all born with an unction to seek and find our purpose, to find the Truth, Perhaps the biggest obstacle is ourselves.