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  1. My grandmother Carolyn Palmer has fallen very ill. Please send your healing thoughts and prayers to her in Washington State.
  2. Our uncle John is just getting checked in for heart surgery. Please send him your prayers and energy for a fast recovery.
  3. revcharles

    Big Win for Religious Freedom and the ULC

    Thanks for the great news!!
  4. Recently probate began on my wife's mothers estate. Unfortunately greed for the all mighty dollar is clouding some of the family members minds. Please pray that the will regain their sight for what is truly important and the family will be whole again.
  5. revcharles

    Preyer Request

    Prayers of healing energy!!
  6. We recently found out her uncle died on the same day
  7. Welcome to the forum! It is our sincerest wish that you find the Peace and Happiness we all do in sharing our diverse Beliefs. We hope you'll find your way around through the many topics of your interest. Should you have any questions or help, please do not hesitate to ask. Blessings of Peace, Al

  8. May the great spirit bless and be with you and your mom.
  9. Please pray for our family, and for her dad's quick acceptance into the gates of heavan