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    this green Earth

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    I am a born and raised New Englander. I spend my time selling handmade goods on Etsy, seamstress work and volunteering for animal groups . I am married and we have three pets. I love to bake, love tea and muffins, reading and learning Japanese.
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    interfaith 'goodness'

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    artisan, crafter, sometimes graphic designer

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  1. *laugh* Well it was quite late and I haven't slept well due to my spouses 2nd shift work lately.
  2. How funny, this happened the other day. I had all but written off a long time friend of mine. She hadn't written, called or snail mailed me in several months. No word - nothing. Over the years we have had falling-out's and eventually found our way back to each other. I had been thinking "Well she must have written me off by now, I haven't heard from her at all". And what do you know, she found me online! We started chatting and catching up and she asked me for advice on things. I was amazed she wanted that type of advice from me but was willing to share what I could. At the end of an hour or more chat we had to get ready for bed. But she thanked me, and apologized ~ said she had missed me, sorry for pushing me aside for months and hoped we can stay in touch more often. I too apologized for ever thinking she was ignoring me! Sometimes a friendship is worth all the effort one can muster.
  3. Reading new books on Buddhism and meditation

  4. A very chilly, rainy day here ~ prefect for sewing!

  5. A sunny day, it shall be spent outdoors

  6. Attending a local craft fair tomorrow, very excited!

  7. So... my bicycle was stolen, recovered 2 days later and now I am repainting it "^_^"

  8. It seems my state is now having cold flashes (no longer hot flashes) and I sure hope autumn sticks around!

  9. Thank you for writing about this subject. I greatly enjoy hearing from others and how they have helped people with something small, like words. Like you wife I too find a connection with smaller groups, fewer close friends. Oddly I'm not the best speaker, I can sometimes just stumble over explaining something. But when someone shares something to me I feel a need to listen and help in some small way.
  10. My heart ached as I read that, I have family who are active duty. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers and hope they may find quiet to refelct on the life lived, not lost.
  11. As a child my grandfather would often tell me "it must be your mission, like a missionary". He was referring to how helpful he said I was to strangers. I often had strangers just approach me, out of the blue. They felt the need to simply tell me about what was bothering them and I would listen intently. Sometimes I would offer them some kind words, reassurance and a warm embrace. They always thanked me and could offer no reason for having even spoken to me in such detail about whatever was bothering them. I felt I was there for that reason on that day, it helped them out - I'm happy for that. As an adult this still happens to me no matter where I live. But like my grandfather says - it may well be my 'mission' to offer a listening ear for others.
  12. Thank you very kindly for this everyone I think prayer can be powerful and I think he will surely feel this. And as Hexalpa suggested, I too think something good will come of this.
  13. This one is all for my younger sibling M. Just last year I felt my brother and I had drifted so far apart I'd never regain a relationship with him. He was abusing Rx medication, self medicating with alcohol and eventually got a DUI. Since then he has meet a wonderful woman, they are due to have a baby in 6 weeks. He attends AA and has a sponsor who really keeps him on track and supports him. I have regained my brother, whom I always knew was hidden away behind the nasty words and attitude for a few years. But Sunday he had a real bad injury on the job. Boiling water got all over both his feet, he has 3rd degree burns. They had to remove skin to help his feet heal without infection. He is refusing any strong medication and explained to the doctor his fears of becoming dependant on meds again. Yet he hasn't asked for finacial or other help from our immediate family. I simply ask for some prayers be sent his way this week as he returns home to start recovering. He feels like he just got back on his feet and life kicked him right back down. But I believe in him and always have, I remind him of this. And he is so excited about the coming arrival of the baby. So if you have a little time, please send him positive prayers and healing energy. Thank you eveyone who takes the time to do so, I apprechiate the help.
  14. Heard from my younger sibling he was injured on the job Sunday. Thankfully he is recovering and his workplace is keeping him on.

  15. Welcome to the forum! We're pleased you decided to join our growing family of friends and ever so look forward to getting to know you. We're always happy to have new perspectives that give us all something to ponder. You will need to make at least one post to respond to a PM, why not take a moment to introduce yourself to the group now? Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Umeko


      Hello and thank you for a warm welcome. I'm a crafty type girl who is always making things. I love to help others with guidance or something small I know they'd greatly apprechiate. I grew up with a big extended family and my husband and I have moved around some. I became interested in ULC when I learned I could become ordained and volunteer my time for others. My family always taught us we had a lot going for us even when we were poor. My grandfather would tell me volunteering my tim...

    2. Umeko


      -> (continued) my time or leanding a helping hand to others was a form of missionary work. He encouraged us to help without expectations, and I do that to this day.