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  1. Is still preaching up a storm.

  2. I would say that truth is what we believe about something given what we know at the time about that subject.
  3. If your refering to the great spirit or whatever you choose to call that which is undefinable by our limited humanity then I would say that color is a non-issue. He-she-it will take whatever form thats easiest for you to relate to. Which also goes to show that there is NO ONE truth.
  4. Good questions. Im not sure that I can honestly say what defines anyone as old but as for being wise, I would say that the person's actions and words or in some cases the person's silence will either give the impression of wisdom or foolishness depending on the circumstances. As for the perception of the young, I would say that it isnt likely that any young person below the age of 40 would be seen by the majority of the people as being wise unless extraordinary circumstances were a factor simply because we as a society have been brainwashed over the years to think that only the elderly can have wisdom but whether the majority of the people see it as so or not, that doesnt mean that a young person, even one as young as 6 or 7 couldnt possess wisdom beyond her or his years. Perhaps even younger. Do you actually have a point to make or are you just being a troll ?
  5. Of course, she's the only kid I ever plan to have.
  6. Apple followed by cherry then blueberry.
  7. My favorite brand of chocolate because peanut brittle would hurt my teeth.
  8. Well, speaking for myself, I feel that as an ordained minister, I should keep in touch with my fellow ministers and the church that ordained me. What better way to do that than to visit this forum ?
  9. When it causes harm to self or others. Well, Ive always understood morality to mean the understanding of whats right and whats wrong.
  10. Merry meet Reverend Jonathan.

  11. Merry meet Reverend Phoenix. Is there a reason why your unable to perform your ceremonial duties ? Merry meet Mindy. It would seem to me that you do indeed have the heart of a minister and I look forward to when youll have the tile of reverend. Merry part and blessed be. Merry meet criley. While I disagree with on the subject of the homosexual community, I must admit that you have intrigued me with this information concerning the muslim children. Would you please supply a link so that I may read about this for myself ? Thank you. Merry part and blessed be. Merry meet Reverend Fred. May I ask who "she" is ? Merry meet and welcome.
  12. Thanks reverand jonathan. I took your advice and was able to set up my own ministry there as well. Blessed be.