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  1. Merry meet Reverend Jonathan.

  2. MorganaA: This is Rev. Jonathan David Marshall. You might want to go to and get a website. This is what I've done for my church, because of (everything) you said in your post. For more information about me, please go to and click on profile. Hope this gives you some "ideas"? Your Friend, Rev. Jonathan
  3. Hello, everyone! I am a newly ordained minister with the ULC. I got ordained, primarily, because of the traditional churches having strict rules about becoming a member. However, I want to worship God in my own way, where I want, and when I want to. I also believe in freedom of religion--with my whole heart. There are sooooooooooo many people that are turned off by the traditional churches, and/or their members' conduct. With the ULC, we are, I believe, an affirming and welcoming church. We welcome those who are searching for meaning in their lives...that want to worship their religion of their choice, without persecution and oppression. This is the primary reason of why I became ordained with the ULC. Thank you for your time...and welcoming me. God Bless You! Sincerely, Rev. Jonathan