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  1. Kevin Thanks for posting this! I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello to you personally. Yesterday and the preceding week are just a blur to me, as I am sure they are for Andre. In the beginning, when we began planning the service, it seemed there was an abundance of time-2 weeks to be exact and then bam! It was days before the event and sooo many things left to do. You mentioned the family member who related Lida's quip about landing on concrete, not the ground; that was Diane Hensley, which is Andre's wife, Lidas daughter-in-law and my mother-in-law. Again, thank you for posting such a lovely recap of the service for those who were unable to attend. Our entire family was amazed, but not surprised, at the amount of people who came to support us and pay their last respects to Lida. CJ Hensley
  2. Official message from Headquarters: All of us here at Universal Life Church, Headquarters in Modesto, CA are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our President, Lida G. Hensley. Lida Hensley passed away on Sunday, December 31st, 2006. She is survived by her three children, 5 grandchildren, and her 4 great-grandchildren. Lida's memorial service will be Sunday, January 14th at 10am, here at Universal Life Church, Headquarters. Our address is 601 Third St., Modesto, CA 95351. Your presence would be greatly appreciated as we celebrate and remember her life. We will, as always, be offering an open forum where our visitors are encouraged to get up and speak if they wish. If you cannot make it but would still like your words heard, we ask that you send them in to us, either via postal mail or email to memorial-at-ulchq.com. There will be a board meeting following the service where the results will be announced on January 15th. In July 2007, the Hensley family will make a trip to the family plot in NC where Lida and Kirby Hensley will be interred simultaneously on their wedding anniversary, per their wishes. We would like to take this time to give thanks for all condolences received and all we have yet to receive. The love and support from our ministers has been and always will be greatly appreciated. PS-the email isn't coming out right. It is memorial-at-ulchq.com. If you have a message of condolence that you would like the family to get, you can send it to that email as well and I will make sure they get it. CJ Hensley ULC Staff
  3. I absolutely adored "Jack and Bobby" last year and I was really sad to see it not renewed this year. I was also devastated to see the end of Friends and Sex in the City. <boo hoo!> Can't these shows just run forever?! I wouldn't mind seeing the characters sitting around picking their noses....ok, yes I would! LOL