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  1. Why can't I have my Gmail address instead of Yahoo or MSN email? Can I type the Gmail adress where the MSN or Yahoo is listed? I only use MSN for frivolous or nuisance email, and yahoo for business.
  2. address from here???...koolaid????...where have I been???
  3. I have experimented a bit in changing the environment around me by being persistently pleasant and cheerful where there was an atmosphere of anger or sullenness...if one is doggedly cheerful, it will eventually change the atmosphere. I wonder if the same type thing could have changed the circumstances of this young man sho wreaked havoc upon so is hard to fathom what could have affected him so deeply that he felt the compulsion to wreck the lives of so many, including his own.
  4. stunning the way- I like your Marcus Aurelius byline...I also like a quote attributed to Julius Caesar..."Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant taste of death but once. It seems most strange to me that men should fear death, knowing that it will come when it will come". Kinda along the same lines... I will post a most poignant series next time I log in- if this forum allows slide shows and I figure out how to load it.
  5. ...Sounds like the community management and workmen are pretty irresponsible...
  6. ...and still learning to use the features here!

  7. so much there is on practical application to theology and philosophy presently! Much to peruse and glean from.

  8. ...and what is the nature of the world? Should we succumb to corruption and greed, or should we strive and work toward seeing the promise of this country fulfull its designed destiny-one of hope, fairness, compassion and love? It is necessary to fight might with might, yet we have at many times been duplicitous in our relations with other countries: We railed at the despotism of Moammar Khadaffi, yet we created the despot. Same thing with Iran and the Ayatollah (Khomeini), and countless other political intrigues. There is a book-I forget the name of it, but it cites U.S. involvement in fomenti
  9. They Killed our children Tommy Johns Oct 17, 2010 10,000 fold came hordes a marching, arms and banners starkly flying: Still no quarter gave the throng of soldiers ready 1000s strong-ready but sighing. For they knew this night would be their last, sent to battle in distant lands; fighting for a cause unknown, these men and women barely grown sent to war from behind closed doors of politicians' bellows and roars as they sat in comfort dreaming, planning plotting dealing and scheming. Neve
  10. I have changed my info from lightfoot to Windwalker

  11. To all my friends-Hi and Merry meet... I trust all is well with all of you

  12. I hope I have come far enough to not take offense at some of the postings-those that seem vicious it is best to leave alone (for me anyway) if there is not a good reply that furthers the discussion. Some of the postings I have later found to be tongue in cheek, so I am trying to learn not to be quick to feel criticism unjustly...I hope those coming here enjoy the diversity of viewpoint and ideology that has made this such a wonderful experience for me. Even in topics where there is so much room for a wide range of opinion, it is a learning experience-sometimes I sit back and digest it awhile b
  13. As you will see there are people from all walks and ideologies here...welcome to the smargasboard
  14. Memories Memories of days gone by; attitudes of different times: Friends beside you without fail, Steadfat love come sun or hail. I see a glimpse every now and then of life as it could have been; Faithful love without reserve' never asking what its gift deserves But 'tis a fading blustery wind tossing yon without end: Tempest brewing to fading light, blowing coldness through the night. Where does the journey take us now? Might we make it back somehow to a place of simpler times, to a world of livng minds? I fear the way is long since lost to remain forever tempest tossed.
  15. Awakened early one autumn morn and suddenly confronted with my very soul, It dawned that long ago I'd buried my dreams as wind drifts built upon the snow I walked for many miles that day and hours passed when suddenly I saw the twists and turns that stealthily had steered me from my chosen way. As I gazed upon forest's soft hued vale and heard robins calling in the dale I felt the meadow's uplifting wind and felt the sun bring forth its warmth again: So I sat and began to contemplate- to consider the future; ponder my fate. Is all to be what's been before Is this my life, or is there more? H
  16. will HOT-as in chinese mustard, cayenne peppers-Cinese food, and it is a lot more fun to medicate with
  17. Evil-a christian/Judeo/Islamic (mostly) concotion-has no meaning for me, a Warlock
  18. ...and the main emphasis-as you pointed out-should be 1st to conquer one's own demons. Any spiritual path should be to seek a means to understand and grow in her/his journey, recognizing the finiteness of this physical plane: When people embark on a particular path, sometimes they are so moved by their revelations and epiphanies and exuberance they feel compelled to sing its praises to the world. When this is done without 1st having a good knowledge base of their chosen path, they undertake a task for which they are ill prepared-this is particularly so in religions/spiritual paths that place s
  19. The concept of being born in sin and that "all have fallen short..." is mainly Judeo-Christian-Islam thought. Why do we have to think in those terms? Witchcraft/Wicca believes that good/evil, positive /negative are continuums of the same thread. We experience it ourselves-there are some instances in which we-who may be fundamentally good, are drawn to commit negative acts if pushed hard enough...I do not believe in Hell, or incarnate sin...another facet of some religions that make no sense to me. When Witches (and I will just refer to witch instead of witch/warlock)/Wiccans transgress the boun
  20. ok-but I would find the title "turning witches to Christ" and the premise very offensive if what Christians thought (fundamental, Bible thumping Christians) made any difference to me. As regards to savedintheson and his ilk, the whole litany stands: As regards to your post and other enlightened Christians, ok-I will concede that Christianity can be a path toward spiritual growth and knowledge. The main object is to remain true to our own path and follow its wisdom in learning about our journey here, and the greater journey of our souls. Actually, I resonate with many paths-Buddhism, Christiani
  21. It touches the soul...the arrogance of Christians-the indignity of pagans (Wiccans like myself included), and also of the non Christian mainstream religions (Buddhism, etc.) Only Christianity-Islam proselytises, believing one is condemned if one does not adhere to THEIR religion-lord, get me a beer!...Christianity as practiced today is only a 1st step in learning one's spirituality-if one progresses, he/she goes beyond the pablum of Sunday Church service and learns how to open his/her soul to the bigger picture and spiritual journey and for Christianity, been there/done that-now
  22. Neither you nor the Wiccans are winning nor staying true to your souls: the Wiccans either ar not true to their pagan beliefs, or are rootless, and you are meddling in people's spirituality in ways you know nothing about-it is the arrogance of most Christians that they must "convert people" from that which resonates with them. Wicca-and other pagans well as mainstream religions outside Christianty are not inferior shells, as the soulless Christians would believe. To not know this is to not know Christ's true life's work and message. Speaking of God "...for I am known by many names..." did you
  23. now I wiped out other posts-l;ook me up on facebook-Tom Johns

  24. If they would just add a script font or two!!!--- Like you, in many ways I joined ULC on a lark-I had been previously licensed and ordained however (UMC). I was in prison and several of the people I associated with got their ordination through ULC, and I joined the bandwagon. This was the 1st forum I posted in, and was active here for a while...I don't even know why I left really, except for some bickering that I grew tired of. I joined other social internet groups, but here at least people will tell you what they really think and I respect that. As for my ordination, I was hamstrung for a whi