Running is a spiritual event

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It has come to my attention by way of learned Apache and Navajo teachers - running can be a very spiritual event. 

Walking too, has a spiritual component. 


I am not referencing a euphoric high effect, though I am told that can happen from running enthusiasts.


I am talking about an actual belief in the power of healing (physically as well as non-physical attributes)

associated and connected with native culture/beliefs.


Would someone more adept at this point of view assist me in explaining it, perhaps with better terminology.

I am neither native, nor a runner so an actual participant might allow the rest of us additional insight



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Spirituality is where you find it or declare it.  In loose terms you are talking about a path of the body sacred.


Running and walking are both calming practices.  They are forms of meditation, calming and soothing mind and spirit, releasing stress while enhancing the health of the body.


Consider the fruits of other religious cultures.  Yoga means to "yoke".  To attach oneself to God.  Stretching, slow deep breathing, etc.  It's a path to health and enlightenment.  A product of Vedic traditions.


Taoism has given the world Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  Slow graceful movements that stretch muscles and joints with calming deep breath.


Of course there are other traditions.



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