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Maybe I missed an important message, but I've been used to going to and then clicking on "Forums" to get to the forum. Imagine my surprise going to and finding a new home page and no link, as far as I can tell, to get to the forum. Only because I googled " forum" did I find the way back here.


How will new folks know the forum exists?

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Hmkay, nice new home page. Seems to have been also some kind of "merger" (or at least consolidation of some sort) with the ULC Seminary... if you go to Communities -> ULC Social  Communities you'll see two lists of references; the left for ULC Online and the right for ULC Seminary... and if you scroll way down to the bottom of that page it says: "The ULC Online Forum is the original gathering place of ULC Ministers around the world. Join us at:".


1. that is not the link for this ( forum; and,


2. if I click the link it fails to open a page.

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